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Serial Killer Rodney James Alcala on the Dating Game

Serial killer Rodney James Alcala on the Dating Game.
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25 Responses to “Serial Killer Rodney James Alcala on the Dating Game”

  1. TheDiddlysquat says:

    Just watched 48 hours mystery and saw this guy, you gotta laugh, the guy was actually a wanted murderer at the time he was on this show,tried to kill a 12 year old back in 1968,…. dirty old man lol… he was also a paedophile

  2. maytepen says:

    @PinkLederhosen not only that but was a convicted sex afender with children under the age of 15 before he smoked them a blunt and tried to kill them to but failed

  3. GatewayDXSeries says:

    he looked like a decent guy , the fu**.

  4. maytepen says:

    @lorddiosliving around six if i remeber right

  5. maytepen says:

    @Paralyzer no

  6. maytepen says:

    maybe she should think how lucky she is to be alive

  7. maytepen says:

    @siemensnokiasiemens no shes still alive i think she didnt go with him on the date

  8. JoeWyley says:

    crap, everytime i peel a fucking banana im gonna think of this creep.

  9. antikackz says:

    lmfao “were gonna have a great time cheryl” hahahaha

  10. thEannoyingE says:

    So wait this guy wasn’t caught yet and he had the balls to go on a dating program on PUBLIC television. lol wow

  11. KOHF34 says:

    This only proves that serial killers aren’t googley eyed freaks. They can be manipulative and charming, just watch this clip.

  12. mj230001 says:

    looks like the host kissed her on the lips

  13. adrift923 says:

    @siemensnokiasiemens No, she backed out of the date because she found him to be creepy.

  14. shakeycamerafilms says:

    “night time’s when it really gets good” LOL this stuff couldn’t be made up. reality certainly is stranger than fiction.

  15. siemensnokiasiemens says:

    Did he kill her?

  16. lalaha22345 says:

    he got freaked out when t=he said you two seem to make a racket so were gonna take you to court

  17. Abijahism says:

    Sign up @ bit(dot)ly/h7pgFX talk , kiss even date´╗┐ hot girls like this today

  18. jordyn98 says:

    between takes you may find him killing people, or torturing innocent women!! welcome rodney.

    how appealing

  19. jeffgrever says:

    Welcome back Cheryl and Rodney to the show to find out how their date went….Cheryl? Cheryl????

  20. GroundUnderHopHip says:

    3:58-4:01, the chick had the face as like “oh fuck what did i get myself into to” LMAO!

  21. sachnehasane says:

    sexy woman with a lot of love to give

  22. Paralyzer says:

    was the woman who was on the show killed by rodney ?

  23. mjdosz says:

    I’m having you for dinner, too. No joking.

  24. Toughnuffet says:

    @CokeCokeCokeCoke Uh… which ‘death metal cd’ did you have on, I’d be curious to hear how it fits.

  25. yermomsboxx says:

    Holy shit, she actually picked him!

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