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Serial Killer Rodney James Alcala on the Dating Game

Serial killer Rodney James Alcala on the Dating Game.
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25 Responses to “Serial Killer Rodney James Alcala on the Dating Game”

  1. karkiuz says:

    Wonder if Cheryl was the one who got away..

  2. SuperDingoDude says:

    @TheRealRussG Nope, get your facts straight. This broad has been dead as a doornail since February 1979. Look it up.

  3. TheRealRussG says:

    @vinegarthomas yup the after show thing where they talk more etc. etc. she backed out of going on the date and he was very upset … so the story goes.

  4. SuperDingoDude says:

    A few months after this was taped she was found dismembered. Parts of her were strewn throughout 5 counties in Southern California. Apparently he waited awhile before he came for her in order to divert suspicion. Sick bastard.

  5. TheClarenceter says:

    @IslamMeansRape Dexter is a pussy.

  6. TheClarenceter says:

    “We’re gonna have a great time together”, haw haw haw.

  7. vinegarthomas says:

    I read that she refused to go on the date with him because she found him to be too creepy.

  8. szqsk8 says:

    He’s so creepy! Gives ya the creepy-crawlies listening to him talk ‘sexy’ to her. I hope nothing happened to her.

    I loved this show when I was a teen. That host, Jim Ladd is great. Gotta love those ruffled shirts. Looked like what my husband wore at our wedding in 1980.

  9. MatthewSandberg says:

    Did she died?

  10. hurmpfff says:


    it was on the same stretching program as her vag

  11. TheOmenMMA says:

    btw watch Opie and Anthony talk about this, it’s fuckin hilarious. And subscribe to my channel too for suggesting the best videos, imagine what i upload. :)

  12. lostchordevine says:

    He has an evil look that is brought out in freeze-frame. Pause it at the end of the shot on him at 3;34. His eyes, are just demonic. Jesus.

  13. TheOmenMMA says:

    If u want his documentary YouTube “Rodney Alcala – The Killing Game”. This guy isn’t just ur normal “killed a few people and fucked up” serial killer, he really is a prolific serial killer who preyed on little girls, and was found guilty for the rape, murder and kidnapping of at least 5-6 girls, but experts believe his number of victims could be in the 50′s or even 100′s cuz he moved around so much and started killing so young.

  14. 3o9afa says:

    @Dakota19942 that’s why she loves banana

  15. EmilGalv says:

    @angelrao222 really? I look at him and see someone creepy.

  16. EmilGalv says:

    @Dakota19942 so is her chin.

  17. mjccmc82 says:

    @angelrao222 I’d agree with you also – – I heard he has a genius IQ, not sure if thats been verified or not – - most serial killers have an above avg IQ, but come to think of it, Bundy had an IQ in the 120s certainly not a genius but above avg superior range – - the unabomber had a verified 167 IQ graduated harvard at 20, got his PhD in math by 25 and was teaching math at UC Berkeley by 26 – - but I’d bet bundy, rodney, etc one couldnt tell, they wear a mask so to speak, but richard ramirez

  18. EWil313 says:

    Nighttime is when it really is good. lol.

  19. angelrao222 says:

    Funny If I watched this without knowing he was a serial killer, I would think he was a normal person :O so creepy

  20. Blackboilingrobotoil says:

    He’s not creepy, he’s just a piece of shit who wasn’t worth looking at.

  21. Blackboilingrobotoil says:

    He’s not creepy, he’s just a piece of shit who wasn’t worth looking at.

  22. FLAMINGcoffee says:

    peel me

  23. candacesuero says:

    he just sounds/looks creepy….

  24. aliciaanne says:

    “We’re going to have a great time together, Cheryl.” Anyone else get chills?

  25. aliciaanne says:

    So scary!

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