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Secret Storm/Search for Tomorrow promos

Secret Storm and Search for Tomorrow promos. These should be separate files, so I’m going to have to redo them, but enjoy for now! Larry Luckinbill (Frank) and Judy Lewis (Susan) from Storm, and Mary Stuart (Jo) and Ann Williams (Eunice) from SFT.

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20 Responses to “Secret Storm/Search for Tomorrow promos”

  1. tomservo56954 says:

    @soap1919jt No, i think the SEARCH promo is a very faded color print.

  2. Sheri451 says:

    Search For Tommorrow was the very first soap I watched at age 12.

  3. TheStanbabe says:

    “The Secret Storm” a CBS TV Soap opera..which no longer exsist.

  4. TheAngiehubbard says:

    Michael Nouri Debuts as Caleb McGraw on (ALL MY CHILDREN) May 24th watch weekdays on ABC!

  5. soap1919jt says:

    Hello again – It very well could be in color. As I mentioned in a previous comment, the “S” in Search’s logo is reputed to have taken on the swash font after the soap went to color.

  6. stopthemachine says:

    My eyes must be playing tricks on me–it just looks like faded color for SFT. Are you SURE it’s black-and-white??

  7. soap1919jt says:

    Hello my friend,
    It looks as though Storm’s promo is in fact, in color. Search’s promo is definitely BW. The person who posted the video is saying that they were actually supposed to be separate files. Believe me, you would know if Search’s promo was in color. The color visuals for Search are quite vivid.

  8. stopthemachine says:

    This video seems to be in color to me…

  9. mnmcv1 says:

    you think? i always thought she looked like her mom with big ears…

  10. mnmcv1 says:

    Clark Gable and Loretta Young’s daughter!

  11. soap1919jt says:

    I’m wondering if Search was in color at this time, even though this video is in black and white. My understanding is that the “S” didn’t take on the swash font until after the soap went to color.

  12. ChipL955 says:

    I remember that promo too. It also had a close-up of Teri Keane, and when it aired I was afraid that the lovable character she played, Martha Marceau, would be the one killed off. She met a worse fate, I guess: a few years later, she just disappeared!

  13. Soapking1965 says:

    Laurence Luckinbill was previously married to Robin Strasser (Dorian, ONE LIFE…). This was back when she played Rachel on AW. She was pregnant with their oldest child, when the writers wrote the pregnancy into the show, thus “Jamie Frame” came to exist.

  14. stopthemachine says:

    I’m no expert by any means, but it looks like faded color to me. What do you think? DEFINITELY seems like a VERY early print though and yes, probably a kinescope.

  15. gymnastix says:

    I have this CBS soap promo as part of a larger Tube video of daytime TV promos that I downloaded a few years ago.

    This appears to be a kinescope that has become sepia-toned (brown & white tinged) due to aging;; certainly doesn’t have the live look of videotape.

    But what I can’t ascertain is if the original was black & white or color? Do you have a date for this promo?

    Also, does anyone out there know if both b & w and color film stock may become sepia-toned from the aging process?

  16. gymnastix says:

    And Lawrence Luckinbill (who played “Frank Carver,” married on “The Secret Storm” to Judy Lewis’ “Susan Ames Dunbar”) would in real life marry Lucie Arnaz.

    He was also, I think, in original stage production of “The Boys In The Band,” a role he reprised for the film version, which would become Holywood’s first major film dealing with homosexuality (at least in the post-Stonewall era).

    Others who played “Frank Carver” were Jack Ryland and Robert Loggia.

  17. nightlighter46 says:

    I remember a CBS promo for EDGE OF NIGHT that aired in the early 70s. It had the cast in a line as the camera panned across them. The voice over stated that one of these people would be killed off this week. Then, they “zoomed in” on Fran Sharon’s (aka Cookie) face. If memory serves me, the actor “killed off” was Keith Whitney’s uncle when Keith pushed him off a lighthouse.

  18. TimothySEnglish says:

    I would say this was right before 1970, as Mary Stuart famously cut her hair as an act of independence having recently divorced in real life. SFT went to full color on Sept 11, 1967 and Secret Storm ran until 1974. Judging by the style of the clothing, my guess would be 1968 or ’69.

  19. aug31st1987 says:

    My Gawd she looks like Gable.

  20. stopthemachine says:

    Nice PROMO! What year is this from? Any clips for SFT with Billie Lou Watt? Thank you so much!

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