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Season 7 Finale (Falcon Crest)

In the final episode of season 7, The Thirteen are determined to kill Richard (David Selby) and Angela (Jane Wyman) and they brainwash Eric (John Callaghan) to kill them both. When shots ring out at Falcon Crest Richard pushes his mother to the ground and Angela only suffers a flesh wound. Touched by Richard’s obvious concern Angela tells Richard she cares a great deal about him. Richard goes to New York to meet with The Thirteen. He offers his life in exchange for the safety of Maggie (Susan Sullivan) , Angela, and his children. All he asks is twelve hours to say goodbye to everyone. And he doesn’t want to know when or how he’ll be killed. The Thirteen’s vote is unanimous. Richard reminds them that if they don’t honor their end of the bargain, he will see to it that they join him in hell. Richard gives his sons a farewell hug and gets into bed with Maggie. They profess their profound feelings for each other and reflect on their life together. After his wife drifts off to sleep, Richard dresses and leaves. Waking on the dewy grass outside his home, he comes across Eric, who shoots him.

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6 Responses to “Season 7 Finale (Falcon Crest)”

  1. pwt3000 says:

    I miss tv like this!

  2. jmjfanss says:


    Actually it was after the 1987-88 season when JR became softer.

  3. NFitalianGuy says:

    FC really went down hill when the producers jump the shark at the end of the 86-87 season by making richard angela’s son and then all the hammy guest stars that later appeared. Richard Channing seems to have softened here. its hard to watch a good villain lose his evil streak. JR Ewing became softer and more of a parody after the 86-87 season. But Angela Channing remained just as bad as ever.. :)

  4. Skybird1970 says:

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  5. moviesNtv says:

    The end scene with the story is so sweet and still sad.. The story of “two daddies”…Thanks for the uplaod

  6. moviesNtv says:

    The end scene with the story is so sweet and still sad.. The story of “two daddies”…

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