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Search for Tomorrow

Ann Williams gets shot by Morgan Fairchild

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  1. usesid says:

    wasn’t John charged with Eunice’s murder? I remember Jennifer confessing to the murder in the courtroom. Is that correct?

  2. PommieDawg says:

    @PommieDawg ooopsie correcting my own post here … maybe it was the summer of 80 then sorry for any confusion.

  3. PommieDawg says:

    @phoenix0699 now 2nd reply in regards to Renata… I don’t remember all the specifics, but they were living in a new high-rise building, Henderson Towers (I think was the name), and whoever built the building and whatever, cut alot of corners. I think this happened in the summer of ’79. The man I think was Martin Tournier or something like that, and the baby was Renata’s. I was bummed when she died :(
    Also, I do believe it was Martin’s cigarette that accidently started the fire…

  4. PommieDawg says:

    @phoenix0699 this happened after her going thru the glass door. This happened in Oct or Nov of ’76. I remember that this episode aired on a Monday, and my sister had to take my bro in law to get his license back, so I rigged up a cassette recorder so she could at least hear the audio.

  5. ajwrangler1977 says:

    A lot of talking about sitting in the first few min of this scene. Lol! Guess they had to find a way to fill up the half hour… However, this was when Search was on top of it’s game… Unlike the shambles it had become by the time of it’s cancellation.

  6. BigSingh says:

    @TimothySEnglish Yeah, true, but as it didn’t air in Sacramento for most of its NBC years, I thanked God for fringe viewing. I had picked up SEARCH from NBC affiliates and independents outside of Sacramento. So, I still kept up.

  7. TimothySEnglish says:

    @BigSingh yes it was a foolish move by CBS and P&G to allow Search to move to NBC. It had decent ratings at CBS (about a 6.8, soaps would kill for those numbers today) but CBS apparently didnt see any value in keeping it as part of their line-up then. Too bad, we the viewers suffered.

  8. BigSingh says:

    @harlee490 LOVE OF LIFE was canceled in 1980 which allowed Y&R to expand to an hour. SEARCH was dropped in 1982 to make room for CAPITOL. It moved to NBC where most affiliates didn’t air it.

  9. thug00187 says:

    this is back when a soap characters death was actually respectful. It was a symbol of your talent and a statement that your character could not be replaced, so what better way to send them out than the character’s death.

  10. Tommy6583 says:

    SFT had a great cast in the mid 1970′s such as Morgan Fairchild, Ann Williams, Mary Stuart, Larry Haines, Anthony George, Val Dufour and John Cunningham just to name a few. They were talented actors.

  11. TheAngiehubbard says:

    Michael Nouri Debuts as Caleb McGraw on (ALL MY CHILDREN) May 24th watch weekdays on ABC!

  12. Soapking1965 says:

    Wrong. Y&R became an hour after CBS canceled LOVE OF LIFE in 1980.

  13. TimothySEnglish says:

    @harlee490 You mean when the show went to NBC right?

  14. vicehoundelite says:

    Rest in Piece Ann Williams :-( she was so beautiful

  15. harlee490 says:

    SFT was great soap until CBS canceled it to expand Y&R to an hour. Then the lost contact when it went NBC, our station didn’t carry it here. This was the hey day of SFT when it was on at 1230, even when CBS moved it to 230, it did lose some viewers but not like it did when it went to CBS.

  16. SueSnell says:

    Are you going to sit down? Where? Anywhere? Over there? That’s fine. How’s this? Just fine. Well, aren’t you going to sit down?

    If only I could write like this! LOL

  17. ashleyw34m says:

    Yes, Renata was Travis’ half-sister (same father). She married David Sutton and had a baby girl before perishing in a fire. The baby was the result of a rape. David eventually left town with the little girl.

  18. dimpledabble says:

    Yes Renata Sutton. I beleive she was with Travis????? I was young too, and I beleve she died in a fire

  19. phoenix0699 says:

    Is this before or after her fall through the glass door? I also remember a lady with long hair I think her name was Renata or something like that dying in a fire I was only seven years old at the time & my mom was crying. I also remember the man that was with Renata escaping the fire with a baby & the man giving the baby to another woman that was gather outside with a crowd. Can someone please help fill me in on that storyline or was it another soap. thanks

  20. mikejim007 says:

    What was the date of this episode?

  21. Joanfan29 says:

    Way to go Morgan Fairchild! I see a lot of Joan Crawford in this performance!!! Absolutely brilliant!

  22. Tommy6583 says:

    Jennifer was sent to a psychiatric hospital because the cour felt she was out of touch with reality.

  23. earlfarrar says:

    got love 4 the 70s 80s soaps can’t beat it

  24. snoops71 says:

    I was 5 years old when this happened, and I still remember it vividly;-) I thought it was the real thing!

    Poor Eunice, and that rotten witch Jennifer…

  25. gymnastix says:

    Although I thought Fairchild was the beginning of soaps importing too many mannequins and pandering to a younger demographic at the time, I will concede under all that make-up is some actual acting ability, unlike the soaps of today which are almost all style and no substance.

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