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Search for Tomorrow January 1980 Part One

By request for stopthemachine: this video has been re-uploaded with an extended, correct scene involving Ellie, Stu, and Sunny. Ellie confides to Sunny that Stu is considering selling his shares in the Hartford House Inn to Beau Mitchell. Meanwhile, Renata learns from David Sutton that Tony Stradella has been kidnapped and Liza shot by terrorists in Italy. Marcia McCabe, who plays Sunny, later married Christopher Goutman, the actor playing Marc D’Antoni. Goutman is currently the executive producer for the recently canceled long-running soap opera As the World Turns.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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8 Responses to “Search for Tomorrow January 1980 Part One”

  1. larkpraise says:


    Chris Goutman also destroyed “Another World”. He wasn’t that great of an actor either.

  2. rickram1961 says:

    Yikes Chris Goutman the guy who literally destroyed ATWT!! The guy should have remained an actor!

  3. nightowlchad says:

    @vicehoundelite Marcia is very classic natural looking that younger actresses today are so plastic

  4. mark40511 says:

    When this show got canceled by CBS, the ratings were MUCH higher than the highest rated soap today. Isn’t that funny. The networks would KILL to have ratings like that today.

  5. vicehoundelite says:

    marcia is so beautiful

  6. TimsDale4ever says:

    OMG, it’s Christopher Goutman @ 10.33 — former/current executive producer of ATWT. Too funny…

  7. phoenix0699 says:


  8. stopthemachine says:

    It’s the famous Billie Lou Watt! This is the first time that I have actually SEEN her acting. (Until now, I’ve only HEARD her acting as an English-dub anime actress.) It’s so funny to think that she was the voice of Astroboy, Kimba, and Jimmy Sparks (from Gigantor), to name but a few. Sayno, I can’t thank you enough. This made my night!

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