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Search For Tomorrow ep7634 part1

Episode 7634 of Search For Tomorrow March 1981
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9 Responses to “Search For Tomorrow ep7634 part1”

  1. TheAngiehubbard says:

    Michael Nouri Debuts as Caleb McGraw on (ALL MY CHILDREN) May 24th watch weekdays on ABC!

  2. numbnuts41 says:

    can anybody find the episode when liza sings YOU CAN LOVE AGAIN and post it on youtube

  3. nightowlchad says:

    Doug Stevenson was the actor that played Lee Sentell

  4. softwater88 says:

    God, this old clip is too precious. I remember this was when soaps were good and didn’t try to be like Dynasty or Dallas. Not really pretentious, not too fast paced. Can’t believe this was almost 30 years ago. Thanks cfs89 for posting.

  5. CadillacL says:

    His cousin, I do remember that now. Lee had a son, if i remember too. WOW..what memories.

  6. Soapking1965 says:

    Rusty was Travis’ father. Travis did not have a brother. He had a cousin named Lee Sentell. I don’t recall the actor’s name (who played Lee), but I do recall he was once married to Lisa Loring (ex-Cricket Montgomery, WORLD TURNS; ex-Wednesday, ADDAMS FAMILY).

  7. CadillacL says:

    I SO remember Travis/Liza..they were THE couple!. I also remember Travis brother.
    Also, can somebody tell my why Liza sometime called him Rusty?

  8. Soapking1965 says:

    I almostforgot that Patsy Pease played Cissy, years before she played Kimberly Brady Donovan on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

  9. GenXorcist1976 says:

    OMG, this is Travis and Liza isn’t it? I think I actually remember seeing this episode…

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