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SCTV Wonderful White North & Babe Ruth Story

2 Classic SCTV skits from Series four, Cycle 1, Episode #81. Aired on May 29, 1981. “Southside Fracas with Southside Johnny” “Kanadian Korner 10: Generating Doug Go (R3)” Doug is asleep so Bob tries to make him go. Bob McKenzie – Rick Moranis Doug McKenzie – Dave Thomas “13 Promo: The Babe Ruth Story (R1)”: The uplifting saga of one of baseball’s immortal heroes, wherein Babe promises to hit a few homers for a sick kid. (Note: new voiceover and bumper for Series 4). Note: I think this is just a “bumper” from a full sketch that aired in Season 1 (1977). Babe Ruth – John Candy Father – Joe Flaherty Mother – Catherine O’Hara Bobby – Donald Cowper Doctor – Harold Ramis announcer – staff announcer
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “SCTV Wonderful White North & Babe Ruth Story”

  1. pfliegaphonic says:

    I love this skit but Babe Ruth wore 3.

  2. klrietmann says:

    Seinfeld didn’t have a similar bit far as I remember, but the Kids in the Hall had a great sketch with Joe the baseball champ hitting a home run for a Dying Kid. Look up Kids in the Hall Censored Sketches.

  3. mattybarker66 says:


  4. Francisthefootball says:

    Seinfeld ripped this off big time

  5. MugPetReviews says:

    I GOTTA GO EH??????

  6. jrooksable says:

    SCTV rocked!

  7. BrooklynEmperor says:

    That’s not Babe Ruth! It’s Lou Gehrig!

  8. WayToBSmit says:

    Babe Ruth sure looks like Uncle Buck :D

  9. fortis15 says:

    WOW…eH canaduan time machine….

    NOT precidented

  10. JVNLBC says:

    …now do a cartwheel…don’t stop eating…now stand on your head. I’LL STAND ON YOUR HEAD!!! (SCREEEEECCCCH!!!!) OMG, since like 1978 or so I have been fractured by the Babe Ruth story, SCTV style…love how Babe (J.C.) is wearing Lou Gerhig’s number 4…artistic license at its best!

  11. Tazzman says:

    @Skithien They were unique in their way and they cannot be copied! Same thing with Benny Hill! RIP Benny!

  12. rfwelsh says:

    The first part is not funny, but the Baby Ruth Story is. Second City had some classics. Just not Great White North. Sorry.

  13. Neville6000 says:

    @JR08620: Excuse me, you’ve probably NEVER heard any of Chris Rock’s skits (like ‘How To Deal With The Police’, ‘The Malls That White People Used To Go To’, etc.)-until you have, you can’t say jack about him or how ‘dirty’ he is.

  14. CrankyOldster says:

    That 50 hot dogs bit has been something I’ve recalled with a chuckle for many years. Thanks for posting.

  15. TylerGDaniels says:

    its obvious dat the kids a dodgers fan. if u think im wrong, look behind john candy

  16. hoosierscot says:

    Oh Jeez, now I have to go, eh?

  17. JR08620 says:

    @Skithien Because they like to be dirty mouthed like no talents like Chris Rock.

  18. ConfuseaCatLtd1 says:

    take off eh! lol

  19. wmbrown6 says:

    @forkhead – SCTV was apparently poking fun at the historical inaccuracies of the many Hollywood biopics made over the years.

  20. gar137 says:

    4:19- the look of terror and the scream coming out of that kid is priceless! I wonder if he knew John Candy was going to pounce.

  21. nonfoods1 says:

    Bubbles ricky and Julian are their kids. Eh.
    Duh. Eh. I said EH. eh.

  22. oilcan821 says:

    these guys were cool, eh?

  23. forkhead says:

    For us jersey nerds – Candy’s playing Ruth but he has a #4 Jersey on – that’s Gehrig’s number. :-)

  24. GrandFunker says:

    I love how Bob is like “I don’t know how it goes eh”. They’ve been doin The Great White North for like years, eh? what a hosehead!

  25. Missbeansontoast says:

    The brat finally got what he deserved. =D

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