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SCTV – High Q

An Alex Trebek-clone quizzes high school youngsters in this SCTV skit. This is diverse than the “Night School High Q” that can be discovered elsewhere on YouTube. As an aside, I have been crazy about Catherine O’Hara for several years and her portrayal of Margaret Meehan in this skit was one of the 1st times I saw her. I predict that you, too, will fall under Margaret Meehan’s spell!

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25 Responses to “SCTV – High Q”

  1. kanukster says:

    5 People went to Parkdale!

  2. gullwingtrucks says:

    cathrine o hara was/is so underated…..she just speaks so funny..

  3. DarkCountDooku says:

    This is more like “In the Know” on PBS
    “Well that’s what I meant”
    “Well you didn’t say that!”
    The way she says
    “the Beatles”

  4. bozomahoney says:

    LMAO !!!

  5. devtrev says:

    @kagiso3741 Well, then you didn’t get it. I didn’t need it explained.

  6. kagiso3741 says:

    @devtrev I think it was just a smart alec made up name that a high school student might give .. but it isnt funny if you have to explain it .. like I just did ..

  7. devtrev says:

    I love how John Candy’s character is named Peter Townsend for absolutely no reason – and it’s spelled wrong to boot. Genius.

  8. UFOSPACE1999 says:

    Margaret Meehan…Henry Miller, Victor Hugo, and Jerry Lewis….THEN on nitetime HI Q…the Beatles,

  9. Neville6000 says:

    @ftsjr: Maybe back then, it did, for community college.

  10. MrHopeful4 says:

    Well, that’s what I meant. Keep your grubby fingers off the buzzer…………Way to goooo Bridgeman. Way to Go Townssendddddd. That’s what I said. Come on. I’ll take you on.

  11. cflisthebest says:

    The honesty’s Too Much??

  12. ftsjr says:

    A $250 college scholarship? That wouldn’t pay for half your books for one semester. RIP John Candy.

  13. fredhetz says:

    @miniredsatan, I bow humbly.

  14. miniredsatan says:

    @fredhetz rock on fred! you rule for posting up sctv.

  15. fredhetz says:

    @miniredsatan, you should know that I wish to marry Margaret Meehan. When the wedding takes place, you will be invited.

  16. miniredsatan says:

    margaret meehan is GOD!! henry miller?? victor hugo? hahahahaha…..oh, 30 years old and still CLASSIC!

  17. fredhetz says:

    @logancody05, you’re exactly right. Levy has always gotten the most out of his face, including his eyes.

  18. logancody05 says:

    Watch it again, and if you haven’t already done so, concentrate on Eugene Levy’s eyes. They’re extremely expressive, and bring home the full array of emotions that Alex is experiencing.

  19. fbwangus8736 says:

    Way to go Townsend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. mrkallman says:

    “love to love ya, baby”. LOL

  21. ironmanboy says:

    @logancody05 You took the words right out of my mouth! So true!

  22. GlobalPunditOrg says:

    For other SCTV fans here, i just uploaded the full 2 hour
    Disc 5, Vol. 1 of the DVD for everyone to enjoy – it also has a 1999 cast reunion & Q&A moderated by Conan O’Brien at the end.
    Enjoy, all – (and of course, please rate and comment your SCTV reminiscences).

  23. fredhetz says:

    @GlobalPunditOrg, I thrive on minutiae, especially when it concerns Catherine O’Hara! Thank you.

  24. GlobalPunditOrg says:

    @fredhetz the name of the ‘character’ O’Hara played was also the actual name of her mother – & the school she went to!…minutiae, but hey!…

  25. charlyW34 says:

    Cathy Mifsud!

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