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SCTV Half Wits

Not enough SCTV skits out here, so I thought I would share a preferred of mine. The skit is “Half Wits” which originally aired on January 28, 1983. This was a running skit of a game show where the contestants are unable to answer any questions correctly. Eugene Levy, plays Alex Trebel, based on game show host Alex Trebec (Jeopardy). Alex starts by chatting with the contestants. The first category is articles of clothing discovered in a bedroom. The second is European cuisine. Alex decides to have the contestants choose a number from 1 to 10. Prize: seat covers from Vinyl World. Alex Trebel – Eugene Levy Darren Peel – John Candy Blanche Ray Kellogg – Andrea Martin Arthur Andrew-Leggett – Joe Flaherty Lawrence Orbach – Martin Short Johnny Ola (announcer) – John Candy assistant – additional. Hope you get pleasure from this classic!

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25 Responses to “SCTV Half Wits”

  1. indyfan22k says:

    Damn Cigarettes !! they killed John Candy. :-(

  2. ozzymotorhead says:

    @aqelfaris what the hell did trebek ever do to u?

  3. MikeMcGantic says:

    great upload

  4. kristoscan says:

    @supramanpsi yes supra that’s why i wrote ‘shame on u snl’. i saw this originally when it aired on nbc. obv snl of 90′s-00′s picked up on this bit and expounded. i blieve nbc was rerunning cbc shows of SCTV or perhaps they had their own deal w/ nbc at that point, it ran afta snl shows in the 80′s. got that? good i’m no halfwit. ha!

  5. supramanpsi says:

    @kristoscan its not a rip of snl this is older alot older

  6. MissRandomIsRandom says:

    “I lied. I thought it would sound good on tv.”
    lol! :D

  7. aqelfaris says:

    Still love this. Can’t get enough of making sport of that smug douche-bag Trebek.

  8. kristoscan says:

    shame on u snl jeopardy, ripoff yet still as funny. poor trebek. your mother ha.

  9. sevensecondsdeep says:

    gene levy as host…hilarious…lol

  10. MaryMitchell333 says:

    Love it.

  11. MrsTSDM says:

    “Sounds like a demanding job”
    “It is for me”
    Love it!!

  12. LJD25 says:

    Is that Harry Reams?

  13. teamguido555 says:

    @BlanketMan Mine is, “I don’t know, because I’m still in HIGH SCHOOL!”

  14. carbilicon says:


  15. Eradicator00987 says:

    I had taped this clip on VHS and later showed it to my parents and they loved it. I remember my dad watching this, his face turned red and he was having a hard time breathing he was laughing so hard! Then my mom, would always repeat “a parka” when I’d ask her something having watched this… which kinda got annoying after a while….

  16. ammusi says:

    due decimal system…

  17. Ken5244 says:

    Eugene Levy (playing Alex) should’ve won an Emmy for his performance here. And how he kept a straight face throughout the whole thing is beyond me.

  18. TheWanderinSoul says:

    Ah, back when tv was meant to be entertaining and not for advertising.

  19. aitraining says:

    Oh man. That was great! LMAO. I remember this skit and show so well. What funny-ass people they had. Great skits

  20. MaryCyberBailey says:

    “Chest of Drawers, Alex?”

  21. MaryCyberBailey says:

    @BlanketMan for me it is “chest of drawers, Alex?”

  22. jtcbrt says:

    Thank you, Johnny Ola

  23. trevwagner094 says:

    anyone know if the halfwits skit with the whats in your fridge question and them awnsering mulch is on youtube?

  24. MrFuturecanadian says:

    I have certain goals in life I feel compelled to complete! Ha! Don’t we all….

  25. ZeNoodle says:

    @harwicke They were both very well made skits though

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