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Scrabble 1987 with Chuck Woolery

Rick vs. Joy and sprint round
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Scrabble 1987 with Chuck Woolery”

  1. superrandy69 says:

    @jsutiger07 it sucks i was born in 82 but scrabble was one of my favorite games shows along with fun house

  2. Caomhe says:

    kerry is 29!

  3. jsutiger07 says:

    @The1980sRock true i have to say that the 70 to the late 80s are the golden age of game shows. Almost every show from all 3 networks(CBS,NBC, and ABC) was a hit.

  4. 73gossipboy says:

    Rick if u every do a game show can I be your male susan stafford like she and chuck was on wheel of fortune

  5. tvtimetravel says:

    @The1980sRock As did the 70s! The 70s and 80s were the two most productive decades for game shows!

  6. gravehunder says:

    what a nard.. lol

  7. HomeoftheGoodGuys says:

    @godgundam10 Except Hasbro owns the classic game. I guess the Hub would be better to put this classic game show on the map. Hasbro Studios distributes the 1984-90 episodes of “Scrabble” along with the 1993 episodes along with Fremantle Media.

  8. HomeoftheGoodGuys says:

    @megamanj2004 Fremantle own the three game shows from the Reg Grundy library including “$ale of the Century” and “Scattergories”. Hasbro is the only company that owns the classic game. Hasbro produced the 80′s cartoons like “The Transformers”, “GI Joe” and “My Little Pony & Friends”, and as for the rest, they produced “Family Game Night” with Todd Newton which is on the Hub right now. Tell them to bring this great game show on another channel. Fremantle, Hasbro, let them do it!

  9. leonjohnstone88 says:

    Cool. Man I love Scrabble!
    For anyone who cares…just discovered a neat App on the App Store that records and calculates each players’ scores. More worthwhile than you might think!

  10. MikeMeldan says:


  11. abc1000001 says:

    That was a pretty easy final round. I would have beaten Rick quite easily.

  12. bambam2124 says:

    Only bad thing about this show was it came on where I live during the second half of the price is right @ 11:30am

  13. Puzzlaholic says:

    B…. A…. Bardot

  14. superrandy69 says:

    scrabble was the greatest game show ever i loved the theme music and grew up watching this show i miss it

  15. lethrneck4 says:


    i agree 80s game shows ruled, used to love this one and Press Your Luck

  16. DJCandyManMike says:

    I graduated from high school with a relative of Chuck Woolery.

  17. DJCandyManMike says:

    Rick is an awesome player!

  18. andybowe says:

    @The1980sRock no kidding cartoons were the best too during the 80′s only Sonic the hedgehog in 1993 t0 1995 and Pokemon were the best cartoons of the 1990′s and Teenagemutant Ninjaturtles

  19. cowboydan0 says:

    weirdo alert

  20. luckystrke says:

    Rick is Good!

  21. 9262ABC says:

    I know you must be about 70 now so I don’t say this lightly, but you’re really obnoxious here. I hope you’ve since mellowed out a bit.

  22. justplainruk says:

    Nicely done, Mr. Mandl. Used to watch this show with my mom. A lot of contestants in the game show world come and go, but you seemed downright likable.

  23. pannoni1 says:

    A recommended variation for the board game Scrabble is to color three of the tiles red (stoppers) to indicate that if you draw one of those tiles, you’ve lost your turn.

  24. tonshaad1230 says:

    Oh well that tells you I hardly payed attention to this show. But if Memory reserves, I remeber watching this episode, and I kinda got stuck between this, Wheel of Fortune and Jeoprdy!

  25. Golbez1991 says:

    Crosswods had all the charm and personality missing from Scrabble. Too bad because it had a good premise.

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