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scooby doo trailer (2002)

scooby doo (2002) movie trailer
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “scooby doo trailer (2002)”

  1. CrazyBoutBillie says:

    SMG was rubbish at being Daphne, but the guy who played Shaggy was great! :D

  2. natflix says:

    i reckon isla fisher should have been daphne she looks more the part! and sarah michele gellar should have had her part :p

  3. yogirl2442 says:

    that part with Velma wuz never in it! thts wut i hate about commericals



  5. rectar345 says:

    I had the DVD and it said this was rated R

  6. s0mthingsmells says:

    i gave this and a book for a gba sp and pokemon firered
    good or bad deal?

  7. crookshanks151 says:

    “Your name means Scooby Poop!” LOL Why wasn’t this in the movie!? Or the deleted scenes!? (on my old VHS, that is :D )

  8. amiekit says:


  9. Indabaz says:

    velma is soooooo hot!!!

  10. VideoGameWarfare says:

    they give away the whole movie in 2 minutes and 10 seconds

  11. Aussiegirl265 says:

    I can’t believe this movie’s eight years old. Sarah and Freddie are so cute together.

  12. TheSunnyStar says:

    “Let’s get jinky with it.” B)

  13. xoPirateslove says:

    Fred + Daphné !! 4ever !! :)

  14. FebosRandom249 says:

    hey guys me and my crew are making a scooby remake of a scooby movie check it out!

  15. thedeath4ever says:

    “Who’s stupid enough to believe that”
    Daphnee <333

  16. MegaHorrorChannel says:

    @hereford619 the thing bout the new ones fred is he dosent wear an ascot and hes blak headed

  17. PuNkBeCtH88 says:

    they left out shagggy’s intro

  18. JakandDaxter19988 says:

    @hereford619 yea man i agree. I still have the vhs for this ^-^. But yea, i really enjoy the first one, they wanted the movie to be a different direction than the cartoons, and have jokes for both parents and kids. But they had to take some of them out because of unknown reasons. Some of the jokes and lines in this trailer were taken out. But still its really fun.

  19. hereford619 says:

    @JakandDaxter19988 The new one sucks so fucking bad man. But, the first one is still good to me man. They all look like the characters from the show. Unlike the new one. Fred’s hair is black in the new one.

  20. JakandDaxter19988 says:

    I saw this movie and the second in theaters when they came out. The first one is VERY under rated in my opinion. Its entertaining back then and now. The second used to be good when i first saw it, but looking back, it sucked ass. And dont get me started on the third >.>

  21. Shiokerz400 says:

    matthew lillard!!! <3

  22. ktm8501 says:

    y all the hate? this movie is great! faithful to the original

  23. Hectorferjr2 says:

    Scooby-Doo (2002) – A Outstanding

    Scooby-Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed (2004) – B Good

  24. lowaces says:

    why do they have to destroy every old TV show
    whats next the six million dollar porn star with his bionic cock ??

  25. ECL28E says:

    @mayhem9024 You know, let’s just end this argument, it’s pretty pointless…

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