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Scooby-Doo Figure 5-Pack

Scooby-Doo Figure 5-Pack

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Scooby-Doo Figure 5-Pack is a complete pack of figures, which includes the entire Mystery Inc. gang with Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne. Each posable figure is 5″ tall and has oversized features for little hands.

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Price: $ 23.95

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5 Responses to “Scooby-Doo Figure 5-Pack”

  1. Genvieve says:

    Review by Genvieve for Scooby-Doo Figure 5-Pack
    These are adorable… agreed. However, here are a few issues:

    1. They smell horrible.

    2. Velma has no underwear.

    3. ToysRUs sells them for $14.99 (and the van for $19.99)…

    The smell, is bad enough, that I would pass on these (given the option). They are made in China and I’m not sure what shade of toxic these might be, but, after multiple washings and soakings, the stink still comes off on your hand. And, you might find yourself ‘sniffing’ them out if you are in the same room with them. NOt really the type of ‘joy’ I was looking forward to giving my 3 year old. From the minute she got them, she would play with them, with her nose plugged. Ruh-Row!!

  2. Jamie Williams says:

    Review by Jamie Williams for Scooby-Doo Figure 5-Pack
    First off let me say that I almost didn’t order these because of the reviews that they smelled but I’m so glad I did. The set that arrived does not smell at all, not even the smallest bit. We got them for my daughters 3rd birthday and she loves them. They are very cute and seem to be built well. The scooby is super cute, he is double jointed and has a button on the back of his head that make his eyes pop out. I would highly recommend these if you have a child that likes scooby doo.

  3. Daniel J. Koesters says:

    Review by Daniel J. Koesters for Scooby-Doo Figure 5-Pack
    We bought these for our 3 year old son for Christmas. It has been a month since then and our son loves them, but there is a BIG problem. The paint on them all had been steadily falling off. Freddy now has only patches of paint on his arms, and Daphne has only a spot of paint left on her head. With the recent issues involving Chinese made toys, I decided to throw them all out this morning. The toys are great as long as you don’t mind you children ingesting the paint from them. If you do buy them, check them constantly for signs of deterioration. But, I would highly discourage this purchase.

  4. Dominique W says:

    Review by Dominique W for Scooby-Doo Figure 5-Pack
    My son received the Mystery Inc figures along with the Mystery Machine for his birthday. He’s rough on everything. The figures have held up well. They have been used in the bathtub as well as in the Mystery Machine and have no scratches, missing limbs or other disfigurments.

    They DID NOT smell bad to me. I think this may depend on the batches that were manufactured.

    They are based on the New Scooby Doo characters. So, Daphne does not have her boots and Fred is dressed more modernly. It is true that Velma is lacking undergarments. But then again, it’s hard to be ladylike in a plastic skirt.

    The feet on these characters are hollow. This helps them stand upward. They do have trouble staying seated properly on the driver’s bench of the Mystery Machine. They also have a groove in their hands to allow them to grasp a steering wheel or other object.

    I am far more impressed with these figureines than I am with the Mystery Machine itself. I think they are a great value for the money. They allow imaginations to make up story lines. They have been durable so far.

    I would recommend these to Scooby Doo fans. The figures are a bit primitive, but the kids seem to enjoy playing with them.

  5. Jaymar says:

    Review by Jaymar for Scooby-Doo Figure 5-Pack
    My son loves these toys, but to my surprise, I dropped Shaggy in a parking lot from about waist high (From the back of a stroller) and his torso split open, and all his limbs and his head flew off everywhere. I put all the pieces back together and five seconds later, he was in pieces again. I know the van is probably not the same manufacturer, but the doors have been coming off since day one. NOT a durable toy. Update, We lost another member of the Scooby gang today. Maybe got stepped on? Cracked into sharp little plastic pieces. Not durable at all.

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