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Sanford and Son – Theme Song

Full version of Quincy Jones’ – ‘The Streetbeater’ —’70′s junkyard funk at its finest.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Sanford and Son – Theme Song”

  1. CharlesShawRules says:

    Esther, you ugly!

  2. KesserCFC4eva says:

    @SunnyDest haha me too XD GO SCRUBS! ;)

  3. SunnyDest says:

    Scrubs brought me here (Y)

  4. CLASHofTHElonders says:

    @ISTABYOURFACE666 LMAO atleast you would have had a great life doin what you want :P

  5. ISTABYOURFACE666 says:

    @CLASHofTHElonders dam!!!!!! really? i hope u make it 2 100 bro! cuz im not gunna!!!!!

  6. chumplaz says:

    Thanks to Hancock I now know this song (:

  7. CLASHofTHElonders says:

    @ISTABYOURFACE666 lol yea we all die but i would like to get the most out of life and see how long i can live, my great granpa almost made to 100…. 0_0

  8. ISTABYOURFACE666 says:

    @CLASHofTHElonders ya i feel ya but we all gunna die sumtime an im goin out high an drunk! but i respect your way of life

  9. CLASHofTHElonders says:

    @ISTABYOURFACE666 well we have different outlooks on life then -_- i like having my health at it’s best

  10. ISTABYOURFACE666 says:

    @CLASHofTHElonders no way dude smoke sumthin an drink

  11. CLASHofTHElonders says:

    @ISTABYOURFACE666 get sober life is better sober :)

  12. greentey says:

    scrubs!!! :D

  13. thisboy1964 says:

    Thanks for posting this!

  14. ISTABYOURFACE666 says:

    im high as fuck!!!

  15. A1l2l2e2n4 says:

    I’m comin’ to join you, Elizabeth!

  16. AnnoyingLoops says:


  17. BillyArtillery says:

    this shit is fucking ill

  18. robertschris82 says:

    @jbasedig lol no..a very good bass player named chuck rainey…look him up

  19. liamjfriel says:

    Goat sent me here

  20. ReverendDiabetes says:


  21. PluToPVR says:

    Torii Hunter sent me!

  22. ThoutfulOtter says:

    Thumbs up if you are here because of Scrubs

  23. guitwizzz says:

    HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH….E! LOve the show, and the song

  24. alshouse says:

    Man, there’s 17 Big Dummies…

  25. eblev2000 says:

    17 dummies need 5 cross their lip!

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