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Sanford and Son Intro

The greatest american sitcom ever

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25 Responses to “Sanford and Son Intro”

  1. tigyank says:

    29 people are big dummies.

  2. pbnjp says:

    A song this good and pure can combat even the worst of evil.

  3. tmw214 says:

    Greatest theme song ever

  4. jerrymouse16 says:

    29 people are big dummies!

  5. cdmiller5201 says:

    you heathens! This was one of my favorites. I will never forget some of the banter between Fred and Esther.

  6. speedytwicepipes says:

    Hey dummy!

  7. brainfullofcheese says:

    Thumbs up if a black man and a robot brought you here

  8. Dawnelldo2 says:

    @Ihatewiggerz Lol, I don’t know if that racist or really cool.

  9. dvlsgod says:

    When it comes to sitcoms, I pity the younger crowd…….

  10. quirpco says:

    That ’52 Ford was 20 years old when this show started, so if they made the show today, Lamont might be driving a ’91 Ford pickup.

    Just wouldn’t be the same, would it?

  11. quirpco says:

    @kotraquin Close…’52.

  12. RetroJenny says:

    @9lash Steptoe and Son is a fine show., but do not bash Sanford. Most Americans love this show.

  13. shivercanada says:

    If this came out now it would be father and son with an Ebay store. :P

  14. JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    @MetalHeart8787 Redd was great winner when I played poker with him around 1982,, Chris Rock has a hilarious routine about ,,, if anyone has a good reason to be a racist,, it is blacks that lived the jim crow life before MLK jr,,

  15. gmccord1970 says:

    28 people weren’t able to sell their junk

  16. MetalHeart8787 says:

    @JawsJaws hes Not alive anymore.
    & NO he wasn’t!

  17. panagiotisgeorgiou says:

    i came here from chandler in friends

  18. dntlss says:

    best show ever and they way things used to be, its funny that nowadays we cant say this or say that and our world has gone to pot but back then you could say whatever was on your mind and the world was a great place (at least better than this shithole we live in these days) they made fun of everybody in this show and i loved it for that,no one was spared,awesome!!!!

  19. JawsJaws says:

    Redd Foxx is a racist in real life

  20. lafrancesean says:

    You ALL need help!
    Please have those kind of conversations on Twitter or Face Book or something. If a 6 year old likes Sanford and Son, does he or she have to be exposed to this language and prejudiced behavior?

  21. CgPallaeon says:


  22. boofdfast says:

    @NeverKnowsBests Yep, there’s a shitload of them fucking your sister and mother. You prejudiced DUMBASS.

  23. boofdfast says:

    @Beatnick79 NO… your post is some nigger shit. You JACKASS, go rest your neck, you stupid idiot.

  24. mumbojumbo766 says:

    thumbs up if steptoe & son brought you here

  25. 9lash says:

    @dotmiguel that its been fuckin nicked from a better show

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