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Salvador Dali on “What’s My Line?”

This ten minute clip is drawn from the famous 1950s game show, and it’s quite surreal. I don’t use the word surreal loosely: the special guest is Salvador Dali.
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25 Responses to “Salvador Dali on “What’s My Line?””

  1. Hatikvah2010 says:

    @spider9137 I know Spider.My bad.I suffer from what might be called premature commenting.Some would call it imature as well.If I could just keep my mouth shut til the end of the vid,and watch the whole thing then,I would know Do you remember this show from your own childhhod,or are you new to it? I loved this ,and miss this kind of television.Have a good one. :-}}

  2. spider9137 says:

    The audience didn’t have to be told about Salvador Dali … that was standard procedure, to list the name and the profession. That was “their line” …

  3. McLeod54 says:

    I have to ask: is there something unusual about our guest? haha

  4. Hatikvah2010 says:

    The people on this show were so sophisticated (maybe not so much the audiance since they had to be told who Salvador Dali is).You can gauge how much American society and pop culture has deterioated using this game show as a base .
    Dali considered himself .Very clever guy. Leads em off track in such a neat way.

  5. oye2a2000 says:

    wow she show is awesome, i love the way they speak intelligently, we need more of that

  6. money74569 says:

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  7. arjhendrix says:

    grt series and a treasure to share.
    thank you all

  8. aboard60 says:

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  9. KALONJIII says:

    such a stupid audience….

  10. mas92 says:

    I like the part where he says yes.

  11. notadjfor1 says:

    the handlebar mustache is awesome.

  12. Baktor says:

    Television from a time when people knew how to articulate sentences longer than three words…

  13. shepardskinsoup says:

    @racookster QI

  14. racookster says:

    @max8987 Oh… thanks! There are other things I did here on YouTube that feature the main character, Maia, as if she were an actress plugging her part. Those are fully animated, but fully animating “Folklore” is more than one person can handle. I’m trying to get other people interested, but… we’ll see. Originally, I was going to execute it as a rather unconventional online graphic novel, but that Photoshop process was worse than just drawing it. I reckon what I need now is marketing. :P

  15. max8987 says:


    I was talking about “Folklore” :D

  16. max8987 says:


    haha you’re right, it’s not the money and power, it’s the certain culture of intelligence and education.

    You seem like a very educated and well-spoken person yourself haha, you should be up there :D

    btw i love your photoshop collage preview thingy. ANIMATE IT! :D

  17. racookster says:

    @max8987 I can’t say your comment was racist. “Culturist” maybe, to coin a term. I can’t even say that you’d have to pick “rich, upscale white people” to find people this well-spoken anymore, because most of the college-educated, well-spoken people I know (of any race) are poor and powerless.

    Our standards for success have fallen. This is a “service-based economy,” and we reward crassness and incompetence now.

  18. max8987 says:


    something makes me think that back then, it was easier for the show casting to just pick 4 rich/upscale white people out of a crowd. I think these days if they tryed to put these 4 up there, there would be a protest “wheres the black guy?” “Wheres the ghetto girl?” “Fat girl” “gay guy” etc… Im sure you could find 4 people like this today in beverly hills, but then the show will come under fire…

    am i right? or just projecting my internal racist? :D no seriously which one

  19. TheWeatherInChina says:

    I’m guessing it’s the mixture of how odd his answers were, the audience laughing, and then finally the host saying, “In the context of the arts you could say he’s a performer” (paraphrasing).

  20. leonidasq8 says:

    He is the master of serialism,, love you man!

  21. lumpy71229 says:

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  22. nikrusty says:


  23. cookmoore says:

    In a sense he is all those things.

    A lot of grammatical editing going on here!

  24. aqouby says:

    i want more men to grow mustaches like that! :D
    then i think people would have a teeny bit more joy in their lives.

  25. radconserv86 says:

    What is the whole deal with this guy? Did he write, “demonic phrases” or something like that?

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