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Salvador Dali on “What’s My Line?”

This ten minute clip is drawn from the renowned 1950s game show, and it’s fairly surreal. I do not use the word surreal loosely: the unique guest is Salvador Dali.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Salvador Dali on “What’s My Line?””

  1. Nathaliahoney says:

    “There’s nothing this man doesn’t do!”

  2. franklindavid says:

    This show takes you back in time !
    It’s nice to see these amazing people again, who have left this world leaving us a legasy of their work.

  3. Wintersverd says:

    @merdufer He is better than chuck norris.

  4. HumaninSeoul says:

    One classy mofo right there ^_^


    really great game;)and of course it became better necause of Salvador Dali, i just love him;))

  6. Sevdaliserseris says:

    ” Is it something quiet unusal about our guest ? ”
    :) ))) lol. Sure YES.

    This tube is hilarious.

  7. Sevdaliserseris says:

    He is always surrealist !

  8. insomniac5150 says:

    Dali= Genius.

  9. insomniac5150 says:

    @SurrealismoDaliniano there’s something kind of cute about your grammar and not perfect English.

  10. carloslaurel says:

    salvador dali es formidable.

  11. michaelwright999 says:

    @merdufer do you suck cock—yes.

  12. KsiezniczkaIno says:

    79 people isnot surrealist

  13. TKTRV says: John Joseph O’Brien TURNED ME INTO A SON OF GOD says VLAD THE IMPALER :-)

    AND I CAN GET WAY STRANGER THAN THAT al gore SAYS John Joseph O’Brien :-)

    GOOGLE> ehehehehehehe YA WANNA BET ME ON “IT” :-)

  14. KodaRollins says:

    wow i neber knew he did this. love Sal.

  15. SurrealismoDaliniano says:

    I’m from Spain and I never heard about this TV show, but I think it’s very nice ;)
    And with one of my favourites painters like invitated, better impossible ;)

  16. macgragtm says:

    @lmrs2 GRacias (y)

  17. lmrs2 says:

    @macgragtm Salvador Dali, de Leticia Azcue brea, Salvador Dalí ! Giles Néret, ” Dali…, sobre su personalidad y obra… arriba buscaré

    y el tratado que hace sobre una pintura, le fué obsesiva ” el angelus ,de Miller” llegó a descubrir algo sorprendente….
    Intento ver como estan unos amigos en Japon..etc….

    ¿ Porque llora la Gioconda,, Dalí, de Taschen….y otros que son suyos personalmente escritos por él… otros libros que no encuentro ahora….y me son dificiles de entender

  18. macgragtm says:

    @lmrs2 enserio escribia?? buen dato no lo sabia
    oie me podrias pasar el titulo de alguno de sus libros??
    me gustaria saber que tipo de cosas escribia : )

  19. TKTRV says:

    GOOGLE > I DIDN’T INVENT THE NAVAJO CODE says John Joseph O’Brien :-)
    FULL DISCLOSURE says John Joseph O’Brien :-)

    GOOGLE > I DON’T ALL WAYS TELL THE TRUTH says John Joseph O’Brien :-)

    boy is this John Joseph O’Brien GUY strange SAYS THE SCOLE GHOSTS :-)

  20. USBibble says:

    @8:15 You can see the moment when Dali hears the host give him away.

  21. SNESosT says:

    his mustache is sooo EVIL

  22. lmrs2 says:

    Un genio, en todos los sentidos….y algo desconocido en su faceta como escritor.
    El aseguraba, que era mejor escritor, que pintor….
    Me parece fantástico en todos los sentidos.

  23. Otakudemoningendechu says:

    These people have slight accents…. …. -__-
    listening to the opening chick ramble on was hilarious…. >:DDD
    I love Dali’s paintings… I love Autumn Cannibalism and Persistence of Memory

  24. genesislover says:

    Aww, I wish guys still kissed girls hands like that.

  25. genesislover says:

    @angryjalapeno yeah, it seems like he’s always talking around what he’s trying to say.

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