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Sale of the Century finish

A Cash Card question and Speed Round

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25 Responses to “Sale of the Century finish”

  1. DNSKansas says:


  2. DNSKansas says:


  3. DNSKansas says:


  4. danbarker39 says:

    Sounds like Jay Stewart is this around his last show?

  5. SickOfObamaAlready says:

    Why don’t you?

  6. 82atlantic says:

    Why don’t you post the whole show?

  7. monkeyviolinist says:

    Old game show music is rad.

  8. monkeyviolinist says:

    Old game shows are awesome.

  9. beadisunited says:

    what a door knob steven is

  10. esetorsido says:

    Back then, $500 was truly something. Nowadays, game show prizes are overexaggerated (take Who Wants To Be A Millionaire newer episodes only for example). I miss the 80′s game shows.

    And as of this writing, I like $ale. Got a lot more game shows to watch now on YouTube and Veoh.

  11. namk19 says:

    also the font of the money cards on the fame game board kinda give it away

  12. TVLubber says:

    Yep. Judging by the original music, WB.

  13. namk19 says:

    was this when the winner’s board was around?

  14. SaleGuy says:

    HEY, no profanity on the message boards please!

  15. SaleGuy says:

    HEY, no profanity on the message boards please!

  16. DNS67665 says:

    Hey stupid stretch, at least I have a ROD, unlike you! You have a vagina!

  17. DNS67665 says:

    Screw you stretch!

  18. Donnie2020 says:

    How come you got so excited about the $500? Was it a lot of money back then or something?

  19. mtiller2006 says:

    Are you talking about Summer Bartholemew?

  20. nismoblue says:

    I always loved the “ding dong” and the hot chick too. Oh, and $500 dollars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. longshot1980 says:

    Your teeth… so… big and shiny… almost hypnotic… :)

  22. mtiller2006 says:

    Hey, good going! Congrats to you!
    Is this one of the final announcing shows for Jay Stewart before he passed the torch to Don Morrow?

  23. namk19 says:


  24. pjc858 says:

    nbc cheapened the show year by year, and the WBMG was the final blow

  25. booboo900 says:

    what was ur grand total steven?

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