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Ryan’s Hope St. Patrick’s Day 1987 Pt. three

Note: Last appearance of Carrell Myers as Siobhan Ryan and Walt Willey as Joe Novak. Siobhan and Joe will return in late 1988 played by Barbara Blackburn and Roscoe Born. First aired Tuesday March 17, 1987.
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6 Responses to “Ryan’s Hope St. Patrick’s Day 1987 Pt. three”

  1. Jenniferkate says:

    4:39 is when Maeve sings Danny Boy….

  2. MagicTellaVision says:

    Dear Born Again Pagan Celts of the Nomadic Free World, lets celebrate (((March 17th and the 18th))) as (((Celtic Pagan Liberation Day))). If you are Proud to be a Born Again Celtic Pagan wear all Green in the remembrance of the Druid Government at The Hill of Tara

  3. amylh322 says:

    @WhenenRome – i wish i could fill in the blanks, Joe framed Jack and Siobhan has left him, so how in the heck does he get back in her good graces? I’m so dying of curiousity! :)

  4. amylh322 says:

    I’m so sad that SoapNet ends the series in 1981 (I think around Thanksgiving?) It’s hard to find out what happened with the s/ls that were happening and i would love to! It had just sort of changed direction, Kimberky was gone and Siobhan was beginning her police career. I really want to know what happened with Faith and the whole Egyptian story if anyone has video! Oh and Barry left but was traded for his sister, Elisabeth Jane :)

  5. WhenenRome says:

    Walt Willey spent only a few months as Joe Novak, but was charismatic and believable in the role. Unfortunately, Carrell Myers was woefully miscast as Siohbhan… especially when compared to her predecessor, Marg Helgenberger. (The show never added Myers to the opening, so they must have figured it out quickly.) The next Siobhan, Barbara Blackburn looked to be quite good – with an energy very similar to Helgenberger’s. But her time was cut short due to RH’s cancellation.

  6. hansakalie says:

    Thanks for posting!!

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