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Ryan’s Hope Pat, Delia, Jack

Jack’s freakin’ out, Pat tells Delia about his engagement
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12 Responses to “Ryan’s Hope Pat, Delia, Jack”

  1. SoapyChannel says:

    Tee hee! Jack.

  2. khtyson1 says:

    Jack reminds me of some of the irrate customers I’ve delt with in jobs.

  3. danawadd says:

    age, perhaps?

  4. dfeb94 says:

    I bet Ilene Kristen is a long time smoker. Her voice has that smoker’s quality.

  5. sunlitstar1 says:

    Ilene was wonderful as Dee – so DEEvious ;-)

  6. gigator39 says:

    Wow. What happened to her voice. Ilene Kristen sounds so girly here. Her voice is so deep on OLTL.

  7. travis082185 says:

    yep that’s ilene kirsten.

  8. reader24 says:

    wow!!! isn’t delia the same woman that plays natalie and rex’s mom on one life to live??

  9. kbirdusa says:

    Woa – nice orange turtleneck, Pat.

  10. travis082185 says:

    this is a true soap opera. the crap storylines on soaps we are subjected to these days should learn a lesson from this classic

  11. christimacc says:

    heheheh Jack = overact much?

  12. travis082185 says:

    dee was something else i tell you

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