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Ryan’s Hope Final Episode Last Scene

Note: In the last scene when Maeve is singing Danny Boy, Helen Gallagher started to break down during the scene and improvised the bit about asking everybody else to sing with her. If you look closely at the crowd many of the actors have trouble singing because they don’t know the words to the song! After Ryan’s Hope was canceled, the Ryan’s pub set was given to ABC’s One Life to Live where it was used for another few years.

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18 Responses to “Ryan’s Hope Final Episode Last Scene”

  1. patcreel12345 says:

    Are your videos numbered (from when you first did the first Ryans Hope video to the last?) I was just hoping to see then in order. thank you very much.pat I am awaiting your reply assp thank you.

  2. dcavalli9 says:

    “Have a good life.”–classy way to end any series. I’ll bet she was talking to the audience too.

  3. MegaTyler98 says:

    3 things for this poster: 1. Great idea: Hopenet!!!! I love it!!!! 2. Doesn’t Maggie remind you of the actress that played Delia (the one Soapnet is currently up to)? 3. What was the storyline with Roger attacking Maggie, I think it was around ’83??? (maybe my imagination)

  4. rennyminou says:

    Helen was trying so hard to not lose it…sweet ending.

  5. cowboykenny21 says:

    The guy at the beginning -casey biggs played gul damar on star trek ds9 , and yes i know kate mulgrew was in this show too -im from the uk we never saw this show here

  6. discomusic1966 says:

    Thank you Thank you for posting all these videos which SN refuses to show. all your work is much appreciated i look forward to watching these everyday. i remember the last episode when it aired it was indeed the end of an era.

  7. VaultMasterDBT says:

    Oh..and Michael Palance too (where he played Dan Wolek).

  8. shyryfan says:

    You really did a great job in getting us all these videos. I thank you so much.
    I will rewatch them over and over again.

    One comment as everyone knows of my fondness for Nancy Addison and Jillian.
    Did it seem like she wasn’t too “loving” towards Frank since she is back?

  9. Pacmanghost says:

    My grandmother made the show, and yet this is the first i’ve ever seen of it in eighteen years

  10. GenXorcist1976 says:

    I’d have to agree. Having watched the endings for EDGE, SEARCH, LOVING, CAPITOL, PC, SUNSET, SB, AW, GEN, and most recently GL I’d say RH’s final shows were definitely the most “fan loyal” with GL’s being very high up there as well with all the characters they worked to bring back as well.

  11. lno2k6 says:

    True VaultMasterDBT-Between 1980 and 1984 after “Ryan’s Hope”, Hal Linden hosted “FYI”.

  12. VaultMasterDBT says:

    All of these questions and more basically prove Labine’s prupose, stated above. ABC thankfully let RH go at a time when a visionary of the show was back writing, who could close things up the way it was meant to be.

    Poor Louise Shaffer..because RH did not run a cast crawl on the finale, she did not get to be credited as Rae Woodard. Was that Jan 11th episode with the “faux” credits” actually the last cast crawl day?

    In addition to the pub, OLTL also claimed Jim Wlcek & Yasmine Bleeth.

  13. VaultMasterDBT says:

    I really loved how Claire Labine & company wrote at least half of the final plot twists with the feeling that life was to go on beyond the series’ end. Siobhan is afraid to love again, and sees a professional and personal partnership with Fenno as a risk. Does she find happiness with him on both levels? Will Faith come forward with the paternity of Grace? (We all know that Pat IS the father.) Will Roger and Dee make it the second time around? Does Maggie stay in NY to be a thorn in their side?

  14. VaultMasterDBT says:

    They actually had Ernie Anderson voicing “This is ABC” right after the RH finale? During most of his time at ABC, Anderson had never done live announcements. Also, network IDs never always come directly after programs..I would have thought an ABC News promo or such would have followed it.

  15. dereka79 says:

    It is always so sad when a beloved soap leaves the air. I can only imagine how “Guiding Light” fans felt.

  16. saynotoursoap says:

    Thanks for all your hard work getting these online, Perry. I know it was an arduous task and consumed much of your leisure time. I appreciate seeing episodes I never saw the first time and reliving some of the ones I did. Ryan’s Hope had THE BEST ending of any soap opera ever. The writers and producers truly cared about their loyal fans. These episodes are simply, elegantly beautiful.

  17. lno2k6 says:

    Excellent finale! I believe after the closing credits with Helen Gallager, Ernie Anderson says “This is ABC!” for station identification.

  18. Jenniferkate says:

    “Have a good life.” We’ll try, Maeve. We’ll try.

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