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Ryan’s Hope – Alternate Universe 1994

Clips from the second half hour of a Ryan’s Hope broadcast that aired in late April 1994 (in an alternate universe). This further picks up with the “What if?” concept I started, depicting the future of RH if it hadn’t left the air in 1989. This is the first footage you’ll see of RH’s 1990s-era title visuals, which saw their debut on a two-hour Sunday movie special which aired St. Patrick’s Day, 1991. If the style of the mid-bumper looks familiar, it’s for good reason; Wendy Riche was Executive Producer from 12/1990 onward, so that should give you a big hint! You also get to see what old RH favorites Delia Reid Ryan Ryan Coleridge Crane Coleridge (she and Roger’s second marriage ended in 1990 under James E. Reilly’s horrible reign) Faison (was married to Cesar Faison from 1990 to 1992) Dane (Marco Dane from 1992-93) Coleridge (remarried Roger in the Bahamas, July 1993), Roger and Ryan Fenelli were up to in ’94. Anthony Geary made a crossover to RH, as Luke Spencer, for a six week story arc in the spring of 1994. He was assisting Roger in tracking down his long lost son whom Roger wanted to save from a dangerous life of crime. The son turned out to be much closer to home than originally thought; it was suave mobster Sonny Corinthos, who was on the run with wife Ryan, using the alias “Jake Veritas”. Ryan sneaks back to Riverside, sans Sonny, and aware that Roger is his real father, but has to stay on the down low. Location Notes: The scene from 2:20-3:40 is the main portion

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