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Ryan’s Hope 5-27-83 P1.

Aired Thursday/Friday May well 26/27, 1983. **Final 1983 guest appearance of Kate Mulgrew as Mary Ryan.**
Video Rating: four / five

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15 Responses to “Ryan’s Hope 5-27-83 P1.”


    Love that corkscrew !

  2. AlaskAnna22 says:

    Love this – Kate Mulgrew is fantastic -she was THE MARY RYAN -for all time !!! They were SO GREAT together – Mary and Jack – she turned him free to go on with life — great scenes — love that Ryan’s Hope – I only saw in on Soap Net recent years….thanks for sharing this great stuff…

  3. antonzap says:

    Sometimes an actor just owns a role and Kate Mulgrew WAS Mary Ryan. They were silly for ever trying to recast.

  4. trisha3397 says:

    do you have the episode where May dies?

  5. fkd1963 says:

    She made a foolish decision to leave HOPE as early as she did. Her career never recovered. She had guest spots on shows like DALLAS and even a shortlived NBC show called MRS. COLUMBO around 1979.

  6. fkd1963 says:

    She should not have left the show.

  7. shazameen says:

    Kate is amazing as always!!!

  8. solardaymon says:

    this kate mulgrew allways plays herself. :D DD

  9. Freeflyur says:

    In 1983 the writers created the part of Leigh Kirkland as a love interest. Kate Mulgrew came back to the show to play fantasy scenes where Jack had conversations with Mary and slowly accepted her death so he could move on and be happy with Leigh. Leigh and Jack married in the very last episode in 1989 and Kate Mulgrew came back to the show one last time to give her blessing as Mary. Hope this makes sense.

  10. Freeflyur says:

    Recasting is really common on American soaps. They tried 3 different actresses but none of them were accepted by the fans. ABC finally let them kill Mary off in 1979. Her husband Jack was sort of in romantic limbo for several years.

  11. Freeflyur says:

    Kate Mulgrew played the character of Mary Ryan from the 1st episode in July 1975. Kate wanted to leave at the end of 1977 but was insanely popular. The writers/creators decided to kill her off because they thought no other actress could be accepted in the role. ABC made them recast instead with another actress.

  12. Sextimus23 says:

    I’d heard of this show but I’m too young to of seen it when it was on air. What’s the premise? Is Mary supposed to be dead? I was told that she was just replaced when Kate Mulgrew left. How do you replace a dead character?

  13. fortheloveofLDS says:

    Everything she said was amazing. And so relevant to my life…[choked sigh]

  14. kbirdusa says:

    These two were magic on screen – great chemistry.

  15. TRAVISJAMES03 says:

    You cannot beat Kate Mulgrew! I am glad that the role of Mary was last played by her (as opposed to the many ‘fake’ Mary’s). She is what made me watch STAR TREK: VOYAGER.

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