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Ryan’s Hope

Ryan’s Hope 1977

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9 Responses to “Ryan’s Hope”

  1. stableshadow says:

    Nothing melodramatic here…

  2. kateway55 says:

    Kate is fabulous here… well, when is she not ;o)
    such presence already at that young age!

  3. christimacc says:

    has kate mulgrew aged at all?

  4. musmannh says:

    It’s Captain Janeway!

  5. travis082185 says:

    she was murdered by the mob after finding out that siobhan’s husband to be’s uncle was trasporting drugs by putting the drugs in fish belly

  6. USSJaneway says:

    Amen to the comment below! I hear that!

    Best actress ever!

  7. chisamiXXhyuuga says:

    i <3 kate mulgrew! she is such an amazing actress and was wonderful in Ryan’s Hope! i’m so happy that they chose her for Voyager :)

  8. vigilance77 says:

    I loved this soap! “Mary” was awesome..and all the other characters….so cool! Ha ha ha, look at “Da”! Those were the days of soaps!! The seventies!

  9. pastchrono says:

    She’s so young and yet she has an aire about her. She has such a commanding mature voice for such an age. And she still uses the same inflections as she uses as janeway a character she played decades later haha.

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