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Ryan’s Hope 1-4-88 Goodbye Jill & Maggie

Notes: With this episode Nancy Addison-Altman (Jill Coleridge Ryan) and Cali Timmins (Maggie Shelby Coleridge) leave the cast of Ryan’s Hope. Both actresses will return for special appearances during the last week of the show in January 1989. Nancy Addison-Altman had been with Ryan’s Hope since the very beginning. Her departure leaves Helen Gallagher (Maeve Ryan), Bernie Barrow (Johnny Ryan), Ron Hale (Roger Coleridge) AND Michael Levin (Jack Fenelli) as the only original castmembers to stay with Ryan’s Hope for its whole 13 1/2 year run with no breaks. First aired Monday January 4, 1988.

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9 Responses to “Ryan’s Hope 1-4-88 Goodbye Jill & Maggie”

  1. tgreer72 says:

    Why is Maggie leaving?

  2. VaultMasterDBT says:

    Crystal posted her comment because Perry (freeflyur) did not originally include Mike Levin on his list of RH cast members who lasted the entire run.

  3. detfreak313 says:

    read the comment again, Michael Levin is the last name on the list

  4. Freeflyur says:

    NAA and Cali Timmins both didn’t renew their contracts at the same time. Nancy said she couldn’t do anything new with Jill & needed to try other things, but told the writers she’d come back if the show got cancelled. It did later that year & good on her word, NAA came back for the finale.

  5. VaultMasterDBT says:

    To be perfectly honest, I am not quite aware of how Maeve and Johnny rode out their crisis in the time that followed. If their marriage returned to normal, we can say that the very opposite of that quote happened — Maeve and Johnny stuck together, but a year later there would be no more ‘Hope’.

  6. saynotoursoap says:

    “If Maeve and Johnny can’t stick together, there’s no hope for this world.”

    Truer words were never spoken.

  7. spiderweb55 says:

    Did Nancy Addison-Altman leave on her own, or was she fired?

  8. Jenniferkate says:

    what happened to Bess?

  9. crystalleeone says:

    You didn’t include Michael Levin (Jack) in your list of original castmembers; didn’t he stay with the show the whole run?

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