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  1. hammeron39 says:

    @curiousgirl11 there out west , here in new mexico, I pro rodeoed 10 years in the late 70-s thru the 80-s then I settled in New Mexico, I live in Roswell , but work in Hondo , as a real range detective 5 nights a week , the pay is good and its a peaceful life, Im on myspace as russell the wizzard

  2. curiousgirl11 says:

    @NurseLorelei Makes me wonder where all the good horse MEN have gone.

  3. NurseLorelei says:

    Makes me wonder where all the real men have gone. :(

  4. CharlieMcBarley says:

    Once I heard a commentator point out his unprecedented equestrian mastery and showmanship, I’ve never been able to ignore it. Polish on stage personified.

  5. macpduff says:

    War Babies too may I add. We’ve been lumped in with baby Boomers, but at the time when so many men were off fighting WWII, the adults considered us quite special and separate.

  6. tvdays says:

    @vtmary coooollll

  7. vtmary says:

    The only fan letter I ever sent was to Roy Rogers when I was in 2nd grade. I got an autographed picture of him on Trigger in return. I believe I invited him and his family to come visit and stay at our house in VT.

  8. rrtallon says:

    roy was a truly great man, tyvm for posting this!

  9. calif1mc says:

    @CelticSouthland That a HORRIBLE thing to say, why is it still on YouTube? Roy Rogers would be sad at your comment, he was a good, Christian man with love for all mankind.

  10. lawise2ify says:


  11. maryfromthebus45 says:

    why does he get on a horse to ride 8 feet to the stage?

  12. faithwillwin says:

    my hero

  13. thundermoonpack says:

    Roy Rogers was a great man. Along with Trigger. :3 Thanks for posting/

  14. CelticSouthland says:

    Before the Jewish Mafia had total control of the Media, everything was better.

  15. etresanchez says:

    Great man

  16. tvdays says:

    In Solent Green if we were Edward G Robinson watching images of nature & life before we died….well old Roy, Dale, Trigger, Buttercup and some guy in a jeep with a dog cahasing him will be running for us to see.

  17. tigersharka says:

    Does it really matter? Roy and this Trigger are great…wonderful entertainment. Yes, there were several horses…but enjoy the nostalgic memories…and in these times we could use some positive role models.
    Oh…I guess I will have someone post something negative about my comment. I met Roy as a boy at his museum…a true American Hero…and I love his ‘horse’ Trigger too!

  18. Utah08 says:

    This clip is from “Hollywood Canteen”

  19. Utah08 says:

    This horse is Trigger II (a Tenn. Walking Horse). The original Trigger was part warm blood and part TB. This name was Golden Cloud before Roy got him. Trigger II did most of the fancy dancing. Both of them are mounted in his museum.

  20. nashdo says:

    Trigger Jr.
    Notice the dressage moves on that horse!

  21. stallion44107 says:

    thats not the “real” trigger. trigger had only one white sock ,and its on hisleft rear leg. roy had about four triggers. the original he used for all close-ups and “beauty” shots. he was to valuble…

  22. stupidemo711 says:

    im only 14 and i love roy rogers

  23. stefnrjfan2 says:

    So many of us grew up watching Roy & Dale along with Trigger. A wonderful show, they were truly The King and Queen of the Cowboys!

  24. texlavallee says:

    good to see old video clipping of roy and trigger, after many year i now have my own trigger, you can see him on my youtube posting, also on my web site, tex lavallee the western performer

  25. tvdays says:

    roy rocks & you as well

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