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Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – Walkin Blues

Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – performance from his video “Slide Guitar For Rock & Blues”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – Walkin Blues”

  1. edofvermilion says:

    I have to agree with airmojo,,,some people live their entire lives clueless to good music,,,,,22 dislikes proves it…….

  2. birdfighter0307 says:

    i think its the hat that makes him good

  3. cjhprops says:

    Robert Johnson would be proud of this bluesman. Saw him tear it up at a John Lee Hooker b’day celebration. One of the best of all time!

  4. karenhs says:

    who could not like this?

  5. uglybassplayer17 says:

    obviously this video is fantastic, so i’m going to point out something that most people miss. that is a twelve string nylon (classical) style guitar. but it gets even better. it’s got an electric pick up, that looks similar to an old old humbucker. regardless, that instrument is outstanding, but his playing is off the charts.

  6. danomojo1 says:


  7. maff1985 says:

    shit hot dude

  8. nickersthekid says:

    this is probably the most impressive slide playing i’ve scene.

  9. Fluffypopcicle says:

    22 people are B.B. King’s dinner.

  10. thecosmicmariner says:

    I’m going to see him in two weeks at the Freigh and Salvage, in Berkley. I’m so excited.

  11. lappiolu says:


  12. Lejdorf says:

    Goddamn, he was probably born with a slide on a little finger already : )

  13. phoenixdoubledeuce says:

    and it’s a 12string

  14. airmojo says:

    22 dislikes ? You gotta be kiddin’ me ! Go back to your rappin’ and beat boxin’ souless nothinness..

  15. airmojo says:

    Love Roy’s music… I sure would’ve loved to hear Norton Buffalo accompanying Roy on this classic blues song… instead I’ll get out my G harp and jam along…. Love Roy’s music !!

  16. karenmuenchen says:

    yes, that is awesome !!!

  17. drewmusic08 says:

    Glad to see Roy is back on form. I would love to see him playing live, awesome.

  18. ilonaploch says:

    super super super

  19. piercethevale says:

    @whatsthisbs33 …yeah, He’s been a guarded secret alright…

  20. whatsthisbs33 says:

    Why have I never heard of this guy?!!!Pretty killer stuff,falling in love with slide guitar because of guys like this.

  21. JaimaocantaJaimao says:

    Love the 12 string dobro

  22. i2Dog says:

    is he using an open tunning?

  23. Bajungadustin says:


  24. VendettaMax says:

    Slide master!

  25. TheQuicksilverdog says:

    @londonuk70 He is fully recovered & is still on tour..

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