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Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – Walkin Blues

Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – performance from his video “Slide Guitar For Rock & Blues”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – Walkin Blues”

  1. tryne83 says:

    12 string dobro ftw!!!

  2. MJCVisionary says:

    Most excellent blues guitar, Please post more of Roy Rogers………

  3. petrucciesque says:

    Nice job !

  4. Antisyzygy says:

    @Timbis I saw him in Montana one time. He inspired me to play this style. Well, him and Muddy Waters.

  5. TheJoman1983 says:

    @DrumsaremyhobbyxD Ich glaub der Bassist, ist der Bruder vom Drummer…Er hat auch so nen gequälten Gesichtsausdruck drauf :D Der einzigste der locker ist, ist Roy :D :D

  6. DrumsaremyhobbyxD says:

    Liegt vermutlich daran, dass sie außer “rumhüpfen” und SO schauen nicht viel Aktionsmöglichkeiten haben ;D

  7. patiopatty says:


  8. TheJoman1983 says:

    @DrumsaremyhobbyxD also hat nich jeder drummer so en gesichtsausdruck?? :D

  9. WhoanTv says:

    what’s the tune of this song?

  10. dudemnky101 says:

    Excuse me while I press play 5 more times

  11. burninhellfire84 says:

    real nice way of playing that old slide guitar,and putting some new sound in it…

  12. DrumsaremyhobbyxD says:

    Der Drummer sieht nicht glücklich aus bei dem, was er da tut :D

  13. 90varieties says:

    love his guitar!

  14. DavidHammerFall says:

    what album is this song from?

    i really need it, it’s awesome!

  15. tataso says:

    Men, this is fucking amazing !!

  16. OzTerri says:

    aw he so good. if’n they make a movie – gary oldman growed a beard and play the part – the ony ony one ya know

  17. ChompChain says:

    @kragger1985 Not true dude just cause he worked with a dude called Hooker doesn’t mean he’s a porn star

  18. Shodanski1980 says:

    The best one I have ever seen in my life, hahahaha fucking great !

  19. 93robfx says:

    Gary Oldman’s well good at slide

  20. WhynotMiha says:

    @oscarxs the song is in D, so I think the tuning is D open

  21. oscarxs says:

    does anybody knows the right TUNE in this sopg?
    Could it be open G?

  22. kevin2849 says:

    realy great riff at the start

  23. thorkilds1 says:

    Absolutly top performanse ang great skill Wonderfyll listening Ove Norway

  24. golfer4two says:

    This man is something else

  25. ksammut91 says:


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