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Roy Rogers – It’s Home Sweet Home To Me

Roy sings and yodels “It’s Home Sweet Home To Me” from the movie, The Arizona Kid – 1939 (public domain)
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22 Responses to “Roy Rogers – It’s Home Sweet Home To Me”

  1. bondurango says:



  2. jdsmyhero85 says:

    @Oldsauroraman I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!

  3. Oldsauroraman says:

    God give us men like this today! We have none left in Hollywood much less anywhere else.

  4. zapkorte says:

    And don’t forget his sidekicks, as Gabby, Frog, Dale, Pat Brady etc. they was great together with Bob Nolan’s band. Little bit of thrill, litle bit of romance, little bit of humour, few nice songs, this is the good old fashioned entertraniement what is missing from the today’s teathers. Who want more computer animation and exploding cars? Tedious… people needs funny characters, sweet songs, happy end. This is why Roy still not forgotten.

  5. Heather4Forever says:

    I still love roy rogers he is my favorite actor even though he died I still love him Go Roy

  6. stefakamelpash says:

    Roy was the king of the singing cowboys, no doubt about it. And he could yodel too! He had it all–good actor, good singer, and as has been pointed out, he rode well. He was the best!

  7. nannylynda says:

    Just love Roy Rogers, saw him once in Liverpool with Trigger, at the Empire Theatre, that horse was absolutely gorgeous. Roy was great on stage, he stayed at the Adelphi Hotel, 1954. I was 7yrs old. One of the highlights of my life.

  8. saunders49 says:

    Roy and Dale…brings back some of the best memories of my life! Roy was truley the “king of the cowboys.”

  9. joethepro2 says:

    loved roy as a kid. now my grandson loves Roy &Trigger

  10. peacemtn says:

    The best.

  11. Arlenbr says:

    Gene was okay, but he couldn’t ride as well, sing as well, or even kiss the ladies as well as Roy. And he had a lousy baseball team to boot–they waited until he died before winning the pennant! Just kidding. Loved them both as a kid.

  12. stepmastafunky says:

    yeah i remember hearing that too. his name was golden cloud then though. roy rogers bought him later.

  13. 1Bandit455 says:

    ROY ROGERS–Simply the best. KING OF THE COWBOYS.

  14. avatarprimus says:

    my mom always talked us about Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy and Gene Autry when my brothers and i were kids, she is now 65 years old, she used to see all their movies and listened their songs with my grandad, she just loved them, now thanks to youtube , she is so happy seeing all this vids, she really loves this song. Thanks por all this precious moments. Greetings from Mexico, have a happy holidays.

  15. AirborneRooster says:

    I have that movie on DVD,love roy rogers

  16. royntrigger says:

    Simply the BEST!!!

  17. Beefliverpie says:

    I liked Pat Brady’s “Nellie Belle”!! Trigger is the palamino that Olivia de Havilland rode in the 1938 film “Robin Hood” with Errol Flynn.

  18. bearerofthelight says:

    I’ve been riding since ’58. Roy and Dale were my heroes!

  19. countrygirl1224 says:

    I love roy rogers he is one of the best singers ever

  20. terrorterminator says:

    A REAL role model.

  21. alamojoe51 says:

    King of the Cowboys! Sorry, Gene!

  22. Bm52 says:

    A True Classic. Thanks.

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