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Roy Rogers – Happy Trails (Original Version – I Think)

Great tune from the “Other” King Of The Cowboys. His theme song in later years.

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25 Responses to “Roy Rogers – Happy Trails (Original Version – I Think)”

  1. TheMightyDoog says:

    ..09 Can any one explain why Roy, Dale and Company are hauling a missile
    around in” Peaceful” Valley in a buckboard?

  2. TheMightyDoog says:

    @LES6723 And all this time I thought Trigger wrote Happy Trails in New York.

  3. LES6723 says:

    @dog1701 Happy Trails was written by Dale Evans in Chicago

  4. nyteschade says:

    Thanks for posting this, it is great

  5. shonpistoll says:

    @navydoctrinidad AHHHH MY BAD!! A completely different song! Rod Stewart sang the Van Morrison version though…NOT the Wiseman version.

  6. Jody07984 says:

    @navydoctrinidad Actually, it was written by GENE AUTRY & Scotty Wiseman and was a huge hit for Gene Autry. A classic

  7. navydoctrinidad says:

    @shonpistoll “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” was written in 1945 by Scotty Wiseman. Major hit ever since. Charlie

  8. shonpistoll says:

    @dog1701 Actually it’s a COVER by Rod Stewart. Van Morrison is the original writer and singer of Have I Told You Lately… ;)

  9. navydoctrinidad says:

    @dog1701 Thank you for the note. Well said. Charlie

  10. dog1701 says:

    Schockdoc complians about Dale’s song elsewhere, too. She did not plagarize. There are 2 songs titled “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.” One is sung by Rod Stewart, the other is a Country standard. Is that plagarism? No, because they’re 2 different pieces of work with different melodies, even though the themes are the same. Plagarism is quoting EXTENSIVELY from a work and claiming it to be yours, not taking 2 words from a song and creating something new SD shouldn’t slander the dead.

  11. coolyounggrandma says:

    I believe that Roy Rogers was the ONLY KING OF THE COWBOYS. Gene Autry wasn’t as good a singer as Roy

  12. ShockDoc says:

    Dale Evans stole the title and first 3 notes. Never gave Foy NOTHIN’ I always wondered about her and her ‘Christian’ ways.

  13. ShockDoc says:

    Dale HAD to have gotten the idea from this. Tho her song is different, the first 3 notes (and title) are the same. Foy Willing, who wrote this, said’ I had the copyright on this, but didnt do anything about it. I often wondered how they felt about this.” Poor foy. Dale is a plagiarist!!!!

  14. limeliter says:

    Sticks in my mind…was that the same valley that the “jolly green guy “ was from? Something to do with peas, or vegetables of some kind.

  15. alienhuman says:

    @pleiotropik Amazing enough, it is still classified information to this day. Sorry. :)

  16. pleiotropik says:

    I do have a Question… Where are they taking the rocket? Why do they have a rocket?

  17. drafthorselover says:

    What wonderful memories of two great people who affected our lives in such a positive way!

  18. navydoctrinidad says:

    @bci76179 Check the comment below by TopazDupree 8 months ago regarding a song by Foy Willing. I think he hit the nail on the head. Thanks for watching. Charlie

  19. bci76179 says:

    Does this song have any other title than “Happy Trails”? and is it available somewhere? I can’t find it anywhere including ITunes and some of the search engines.

  20. navydoctrinidad says:

    @bci76179 Thanks for watching. I sure won’t argue between Gene and Roy. Have a good day and hurry back and see if you can find something else that you might like. Charlie

  21. bci76179 says:

    Love this and thanks for posting it. However, there is ONLY one King of the Cowboys…Roy Rogers!!

  22. navydoctrinidad says:

    @GMYellowstone Great comment. I agree wholeheartedly. You are certainly welcome for the clip. Come back soon. Charlie

  23. GMYellowstone says:

    SO nice!!! I wish we had movies and TV like this today! Luckily we have the DVD’s and such of this, though :) Thanks for posting!!!

  24. dorisdayinohio says:


  25. navydoctrinidad says:

    @TopazDupree I forgot, John Wayne was also called the “First Singing Cowboy.”

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