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Roy Rogers sings “A Four-Legged Friend” while Trigger dances in the hilarious Bob Hope film, “The Son of Paleface”.
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16 Responses to “Roy Rogers “A FOUR-LEGGED FRIEND” Trigger “SON OF PALEFACE””

  1. zipper179 says:

    This video makes me glad I grew up, when I did.. Was a kid, when it was still good to be one..

  2. CowboyandtheSenorita says:

    They kept Little Trigger a secret from the fans at the time though, so everyone thought that they were seeing Trigger “the old man”. Trigger jr. was a Tennessee Walker that Roy bought because he liked him. He appears in the film “Trigger jr”. Again, because Trigger “the old man” was getting old. However, the real Trigger is in that film as well. The real Trigger was a very large horse. the other two were substantially smaller. The real Trigger is in the tv shows though, not the others!

  3. CowboyandtheSenorita says:

    One time when Roy took Trigger “the old man” to a parade, a fan cut off half of Trigger’s tail as a souvenir. For a while after that, Trigger had to where a “tail piece”! So, he got Little Trigger (who is slightly smaller and has different leg markings) to take for personal appearances. By the time of “Son of Paleface”, the real Trigger was getting older, so they decided to use Little Trigger so that he could do all the stunts. Also, it was Little Trigger that could do the sleeping skit. . . .

  4. CowboyandtheSenorita says:

    @soullover123456 Yes, there wer three Triggers. He had his real Trigger (he called him “Trigger, the old man”), Little Trigger, and Trigger, jr. The one in “Son of Paleface” is actually Little Trigger. The only film where you ever see Little Trigger. Trigger the old man is in every other Roy film. . .

  5. soullover123456 says:

    I know there was three “Triggers”. Trigger is the original. Then there’s Little Trigger he rode. Who was the other?

  6. rodeoratdogs says:

    I love this and aint it the truth, I always have my trusty horse;)

  7. grace230608 says:

    the world has changed so much from those days. They were the days when people believed in integrity.and good character.

  8. jovidman69 says:

    This guy was so awesome. He could sing. He could ride. He could sing and ride at the same time!

  9. scotty1045 says:

    CLASSIC! I found this DVD in the bargain bin at Wal Mart. I could not believe it even was out on DVD.

  10. Jennysand81 says:

    Yay!! I’ve been looking for these clips for a some years now. Only cheking once in a while and Wupti! There they where! Thx a million, it was my favourite film as a kid.

  11. zipper179 says:

    @GFisher111 You, too?WOW!

  12. zipper179 says:

    I was just 7 yrs old when this was released. I wanted a Roy Rogers playset, with horses, cowboys, etc. And, after many years, thanks to Ebay, I now have my Roy Rogers and Trigger figurine..At 65, I am one happy young cowboy!

  13. kreabis says:

    that horse has talent

  14. LastTree says:

    Very nice to see Trigger dancing, thanks for posting.

  15. OutcastPTO says:

    this is a classic song…i love it..thanks for posting this

  16. GFisher111 says:

    OMG were did you get this from. What an outfit, just to think, i wanted one just like it. Shear brilliance.

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