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Roy Rogers “A 4-LEGGED Buddy” Trigger “SON OF PALEFACE”

Roy Rogers sings “A 4-Legged Friend” although Trigger dances in the hilarious Bob Hope film, “The Son of Paleface”.
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25 Responses to “Roy Rogers “A 4-LEGGED Buddy” Trigger “SON OF PALEFACE””

  1. lampard8soccer says:

    that is so awesome

  2. MinXsTube says:

    i love Trigger thnxs foor sharring tis great video’s

  3. tvcat1 says:

    Trigger was awesome! :)

  4. CowboyandtheSenorita says:

    @springfairy1 Hi again! I uploaded the scene! If you go to the channel page, you will find it! Hope you enjoy it!

  5. springfairy1 says:

    @CowboyandtheSenorita Thank-you!:)

  6. CowboyandtheSenorita says:

    @springfairy1 Absolutely! That is such a fabulous scene! Thanks for reminding me! I’ll let you know when I get it up!

  7. springfairy1 says:

    He was such an amazing horse. I love the scene when he’s sprinting to catch the wheel that falls off the car. Never seen a horse go that fast!! Any chance you could upload it?:)

  8. jdsmyhero85 says:

    This is absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you SO much for posting!!!!

  9. usermikes says:

    @katie8758 You could of bought that saddle a few months ago in NYC auction house. I was looking at it myself. His son was auctioning off all his stuff.

  10. CowboyandtheSenorita says:

    @Boudosaved So glad that you liked it! It doesn’t get much better than Bob Hope. He was brilliant.

  11. Boudosaved says:

    @CowboyandtheSenorita That was hilarious!!! Thank you. You made my night.

  12. CowboyandtheSenorita says:

    @Boudosaved Hi again! It is uploaded now! Hope that you enjoy it.

  13. Boudosaved says:

    @CowboyandtheSenorita How nice of you!! Thanks. Please let me know when it is up.

  14. Boudosaved says:

    @CowboyandtheSenorita How nice of you!! Thanks. Please let me know when it is up.

  15. CowboyandtheSenorita says:

    @Boudosaved Hi there! I’ll be glad to upload the scene for you. I’ll get it today. It is really funny.

  16. Boudosaved says:

    Does anyone have the clip of Bob Hope in bed with Trigger from this film? I heard about it on the Mark and Brian radio program this morning. It apparently is very funny.

  17. chance29p says:

    I always thought that there was Trigger and Trigger Jr. Trigger Jr was used later on when the original Trigger was getting a little old. Jr never worked out as well as Trigger. Trigger was used in just about all of RR films and TV shows .He died at age 38. Now Gene Autry was the one that had over three Champions . Some of them had there manes bleached out to match the original Champion. there was also little Champion a pony size version of Champion.

  18. mmomsboy says:

    My Mum, took me to see Roy with Trigger and Bullet on tour, in the Liverpool Empire 50′s (as I Remember) wow! I’ve been a cowboy ever since..and a goodie too!!

  19. katie8758 says:

    I wanna buy that saddle!!!!

  20. zipper179 says:

    This video makes me glad I grew up, when I did.. Was a kid, when it was still good to be one..

  21. CowboyandtheSenorita says:

    They kept Little Trigger a secret from the fans at the time though, so everyone thought that they were seeing Trigger “the old man”. Trigger jr. was a Tennessee Walker that Roy bought because he liked him. He appears in the film “Trigger jr”. Again, because Trigger “the old man” was getting old. However, the real Trigger is in that film as well. The real Trigger was a very large horse. the other two were substantially smaller. The real Trigger is in the tv shows though, not the others!

  22. CowboyandtheSenorita says:

    One time when Roy took Trigger “the old man” to a parade, a fan cut off half of Trigger’s tail as a souvenir. For a while after that, Trigger had to where a “tail piece”! So, he got Little Trigger (who is slightly smaller and has different leg markings) to take for personal appearances. By the time of “Son of Paleface”, the real Trigger was getting older, so they decided to use Little Trigger so that he could do all the stunts. Also, it was Little Trigger that could do the sleeping skit. . . .

  23. CowboyandtheSenorita says:

    @soullover123456 Yes, there wer three Triggers. He had his real Trigger (he called him “Trigger, the old man”), Little Trigger, and Trigger, jr. The one in “Son of Paleface” is actually Little Trigger. The only film where you ever see Little Trigger. Trigger the old man is in every other Roy film. . .

  24. soullover123456 says:

    I know there was three “Triggers”. Trigger is the original. Then there’s Little Trigger he rode. Who was the other?

  25. rodeoratdogs says:

    I love this and aint it the truth, I always have my trusty horse;)

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