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Rowan & Martin Laugh In – Ending Jokes

Some wacky moments from the end of the show. God Bless Dick Martin
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25 Responses to “Rowan & Martin Laugh In – Ending Jokes”

  1. Vincek88 says:

    Doctor Evil at 1:04!

  2. Deedy06 says:

    How did Goldie do that Donald Duck impression?

  3. musiclover1ism says:

    man the 70′s were fun

  4. Jadensamma says:

    NO ONE CARES ANYMORE, ALLEN!!! <~~~~Lost it on that one. XD

  5. FEARTHEHOP says:

    It was a simpler and better time back then…

  6. dao3rd123 says:

    I remember this show and never missed an episode. They don’t make them anymore. Everything has to be politically correct.

  7. SourBunnyBear says:

    This is much better then SNL but it seems like SNL kinda does the same kinda show?

  8. AngeD771 says:

    With all the craziness – This was a Very Funny Show !

  9. AngeD771 says:


  10. randalljones58 says:

    I never found this show funny, yet today, I still don’t

  11. philomorphologian says:

    I might have been that foot!

  12. philomorphologian says:

    It’s cold where I am at the moment. It is that time of the season. A flag down just reminds me that life isn’t all up!

  13. jaredeberhardt says:

    @philomorphologian accidental flag down, sorry it was an accident!

  14. philomorphologian says:

    The show was well scripted and funded. Barry Took was ‘imported’ from England to work with top US writers and also many of the wittiest stars is US TV. No doubt, some of the people in the show started off being cynical and saw Laugh In as just another vehicle for advertising. But, like all great art, the quality at the heart of any great show (writers, performers, technicians) always wins thro’, given enough time. Thankfully it did. Some of the stars of the show were made by it. It is fun!

  15. Sewnknit says:

    @utterlyviolet That was” Tennessee” Ernie Ford – a singer with a beautiful, rich voice. He had a hit with the song “Sixteen Ton” as well as many more. Maybe before your time? He also sang a lot of gospel tunes. He’s here on YouTube – check him out.

  16. burdenedbeauty says:

    @TheBlackWhiteDog My sentiment exactly: He’s gorgeous.

  17. BongoBengie says:

    I was raised on this stuff, age 5-11 when it was on the air. Best TV ever. Whenever a “star” appeared on the show they hung that star at the door and just had a great time being their true self. That just doesn’t happen today.

  18. utterlyviolet says:

    Who’s Ernie at 1:25?

  19. TheBlackWhiteDog says:

    I’m with you Tiny Tim. (0:15)
    MM MM and mm.

  20. TheBlackWhiteDog says:


  21. Welljoy says:

    When did originally air?

  22. 472694 says:

    Judy Carne is obviously a front loader.

  23. minks1968 says:

    Oh man,, those were the days,, I sure miss TV like this !!! LOL

  24. saml760 says:

    you used to be able to get Laugh In on VHS and DVD from Guthy-Renker Home Video,not sure anymore.

  25. 100Meadows says:

    What a hoot! I had forgotten how zany and funny this show was. This show had a who’s who of Hollywood: Kirk Douglas, John Wayne, Otto Preminger, Peter Faulk, Richard Nixon, Greer Garson, etc.

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