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Room 222 Theme song and opening video with Karen Valentine

Room 222 intro from 1970. From chrisman737- “Wonderful theme by one of my favorite film composers of all time — Jerry Goldsmith (he also did “The Twilight Zone” and “The Waltons” and countless movies).” came out with the DVD in March 2009. Los Angeles High School was used as Walt Whitman High. I sure love the flute. CORRECTION ON JAN 4, 2009- Thanks to McKennahLane who posted “I’m a flute player and a band director. That is not a flute. It’s a recorder. But you had been close.” If you want the song as MP3 just go to and copy n paste “Room 222 Theme song and opening video with Karen Valentine”.

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25 Responses to “Room 222 Theme song and opening video with Karen Valentine”

  1. studio21tv says:

    @tevitts I so miss longer opening themes. I was a kid of the 70s and theme songs – opening and closing credits – were part of what made 70s/80s TV so great. It sickens me that the medium has become so greedy and profit-obsessed that they no longer “set the table” for viewers. Of course, these days viewers’ attention span has gotten shorter – largely because TV execs have helped make it that way. I especially loathe “credit crunch” – running credits split-screen while another show starts!

  2. 8mycrab says:

    Loved this show :-)

  3. therills says:

    Childhood memory…

  4. arkady714 says:

    @tevitts Funny you should mention that. I tried watching the new version of Hawaii 5-0 and wondered why I was becoming so irritated. Not that the story line was bad at all, but I’d realized that no sentence of dialogue or camera shot lasted more than eight seconds. Yes, I actually started counting once I figured out how this new show was shot. Has the human attention span become that detached? Mine hasn’t, anyway. To watch that show is actually uncomfortable. So I don’t.

  5. Navdan87 says:

    Karen Valentine played a stalker on an episode of Starsky & Hutch-great episode!!

  6. SWEJEHTKCUF says:

    @PeterMayer You are damn right i can now buy and sell your black ass

  7. PeterMayer says:

    @SWEJEHTKCUF You must have been at the top of your class…

  8. elc1960 says:

    @raymondr612001 Glad to see someone else remembers the luscious Judy Strangis. I remember the “Malibu Barbie” ad she did where you actually got to see Judy in a bikini. I always wondered what became of her.

  9. SWEJEHTKCUF says:

    this is the day when the token nigger was in the making now all you see on t.v is niggers and jews

  10. OjaiRoy says:

    @jeff2all What you described is called MTV : )

  11. OjaiRoy says:

    @tevitts Look closer and you’ll see that it is a city bus.

  12. tevitts says:

    Can you imagine an 1 min and 30 second intro today? The network suits would throw the show runner out of the window.

    And why did student-teacher Karen Valentine take a school bus?

  13. JonP1961 says:

    Jerry Goldsmith (RIP) was a great composer!

  14. pattyfromtoledo says:

    my Dad used to teach in a University, and as a young child, I so well remember loving to sit in on his classes in room #222 in the Education Building. Cool show!

  15. jeff2all says:

    I always wondered why my pop didn’t miss a episode of the show now I know why with fine ladies like Denise and karen in it.

  16. younghoss says:

    She drove Pete Dixon wild, and me too!

  17. Laceykat66 says:

    @journeyman2mage A bit of a simplistic rant against “conservatives” don’t you think?
    I know they are easy targets in your circles, but if you want to be seen as more than a “hippie, liberal, commie pervert,” you might want to extend the same courtesy.
    Actually, we conservatives, LIKED this show because it stressed education and that people were people, not colors. Something most “liberals” today seem to have forgotten.

  18. cesar1963able says:

    Man, Denise Nicholas is one of the finest women to ever grace the silver screen.

  19. gridley says:

    @denny906 “was destroyed a few years later by a 6.5 earthquake”

    Actually, in fact… The 1917 building sustained moderate cosmetic damage, principally in the tower area, during the 1971 Sylmar earthquake. Efforts spearheaded by the Alumni Association…to repair and preserve the iconic structure were opposed by certain commercial interests, who lobbied for its demolition, and finally decisively thwarted when it was gutted by a fire of mysterious origin.

  20. bronxboy1952 says:

    If you wanted a show with a diverse racial makeup, look to the original star trek, which featured the first inter-racial kiss between Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and Communications Officer Uhura (Nichelle Nochols). Besides, you can’t get more diverse as one of its lead characters was a true alien, Mr. Spock! LOL

  21. denny906 says:

    That school building was Los Angeles High and it was destroyed a few years later by a 6.5 earthquake

  22. 1caninelover says:

    @OjaiRoy I know the area; close enough to the San Fernando valley. We were in L.A. suburbs far enough from epicenter only to have schools closed that week. That earthquake brought about a lot of changes in California building codes; I don’t recall one (in Southern California) causing that much damage until Northridge in 1994.

  23. OjaiRoy says:

    @1caninelover I believe it is 4650 West Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles

  24. Digitalman1959 says:

    @MrJuly1990ish Couldn’t agree more. Today’s TV is pathetic. The whole entertainment industry is a joke. These reality shows do nothing but promote bad behavior. These are the values kids are learning these days. Is it any wonder our country is in the shape it’s in?

  25. Cromag99 says:

    The only one’s that are “less aware” are the dumb ass “liberals”. These rats would drink poison for Obongo The Destroyer!

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