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Room 222 – Theme From Room 222

Tribute to the 1969-1974 ABC Network Sitcom “Room 222″. Starring Lloyd Haynes, Denise Nicholas, Michael Constantine and Karen Valentine.

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21 Responses to “Room 222 – Theme From Room 222”

  1. delideliver says:

    @Raineygoodyears yes it sure was,I was a small child in the 70′s(born 1970) but yes life was alot simpler then

  2. MarcusLeepapi says:

    Wow, we are getting old… I remember this show…

  3. TRETNYC says:

    What a greatly designed tribute video! THANKS! I fell in love w Karen c/o this show. Why it’s not more legendary I just don’t know. It won 3 or 4 Emmys too! Met Karen in NYC numerous times and she’s more beautiful than ever!

  4. antidiz says:

    Goddamn this brings back memories. I grew up watching this and the mod squad..

  5. triumph66500 says:

    @eugeneallenwilson hi yeh i loved this show too i couldnt wait til it came on also loved the interracial folks on the show as it was the first time there was a sitcome of both in the one show ,here in Sydney Australia. My family has aboriginal and white Aust. in it so we all were very excited about that . Loved the theme also : )

  6. whatever3132 says:

    @Raineygoodyears With or without the drugs?

  7. pucksterz12 says:

    Art Garfunkle was on this show with his huge afro? Karen Valentine was HOT I remember I had a crush on her at 6.

  8. Raineygoodyears says:

    Life was so simple back then…

  9. Titan990 says:

    unfortunately schools these days are not that interesting anymore

  10. eugeneallenwilson says:

    I absolutely loved this show when it first came on. I watched every episode with a passionate fervor. I love the interracial content of this show. This show was a first at a time when forced busing was instituted when I was going to high school. As an African American, I can easily identify with many of the scenes in this television series.

  11. NeluThat70sKid says:

    First saw this back in ’98 on what called a “TV Land Time Warp” on TV Land on a Fri. nite which showed (what else?) the Fri. nite ABC schedule from Jan. of 1972 (I was born in Dec. of ’72). WOW, I really couldn’t believe it, how realistic it is (sorry, no offense, but more so than the Brady Bunch). Plus the fact that it is somewhat dry, but also VERY entertaining (again, sorry, where the Bradys were nothing but bland). Nowadays, we have to go north of the border just to watch “DeGrassi High” :/

  12. brianadkins1 says:

    This was very nice; thanks for putting this together.

  13. kennethj1956 says:

    This high school building was destroyed by an earthquake during filming.

  14. jmarcguy says:

    Watched the 1st episode. Picture quality isn’t what we’ve grown accustomed to on DVD but the show was excellent!! Realistic without being cynical. Very upbeat! I’m pleased I gave it a try!! What an overlooked classic!

  15. jmarcguy says:

    This show is before my time but I remember the 70s well enough to be intrigued by it. High school with no cellphones or Internet!! Wow! Received season 1 on DVD today. Heard the picture quality isn’t great but I’m looking forward to it. What is the source for this video??

  16. SeattleLA says:

    A dynamic and yet sensitive show. I watched it during its original run, 1969-1974. It really shows how valuable teachers can be. It is hard to understand how, for 36 years, it is hardly talked about, no re-runs, etc. Does anyone have any full-length videos of Room 222?

  17. mikevaughnchannel says:

    One of the reasons I became a teacher.

  18. 123ihatethiscrap says:

    In the 70′s I watched 222 some times it was on channel 29 at the time. the reason I searched for this is because I kept getting pictures flash in my head of 222 and the students walking to the school, the camera looking down from a window. the music was a little dif from what i remembered . I didn’t like the show.

  19. cub68134 says:

    i always loved this program!! i was 10 yo when it came on; always thought Lloyd Haynes (Pete Dixon) was quite good-looking and it’d be years before I knew for a fact that I was gay! have always had good taste!

  20. newmediaformat says:

    Great job on this version! And Im pretty sure thats a Jerry Goldsmith composition. Nice and clean, crisp and sharp***** : )

  21. Voyagersguidebook says:

    I never heard of this series, and it lasted quite a while. I like the way they represent school realistically, at least from these clips, showing the lives of students and teachers, and that the classes are integrated with various races. Great job on the video, with the voice overs over the peppy theme music. :)

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