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Room 222 Heshimu Jason Allen Fan clip

This 10 minute clip I put together is of Heshimu who played Jason Allen on the TV series from 1969 Room 222. I used to love this series and was a fan of Jason Allen. It was always to fun to see how he was going to react or most of the time correctly interprets the situation. I clipped together an episode from 1969. I always was a fan of his unfortunately there is so little about him on the internet. Now fans of his will at least have this clip to check him out. Does anyone out there know anything about his name Heshimu. Is it a first or last name or an entire name? I heard he is out there somewhere possible in radio. Post a comment if you are a fan of know more about him.

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11 Responses to “Room 222 Heshimu Jason Allen Fan clip”

  1. topgrain says:

    The late Lloyd Haynes played one unflappable instructor in Room 222.

  2. TIPTON340 says:

    According to IMDB, he only did this show.

  3. beentheredonethatb4 says:

    Whatever happened to that actor? I never saw him in anything after this show.

  4. mocharger06 says:

    $2.25 an hour!! Wow! I remember those days!

  5. saskwatcher says:

    I own the first season on a dvd collection. It’s one of the best entertainment investments I’ve ever made. You can get it from Shout Factory.

  6. SeattleLA says:

    A dynamic and yet sensitive show. I watched it during its original run, 1969-1974. It really shows how valuable teachers can be. It is hard to understand how, for 36 years, it is hardly talked about, no re-runs, etc. Does anyone have any full-length videos of Room 222?

  7. rmsolympic1 says:

    @pontif47 Yes, she is absolutely beautiful!

  8. jasonlava says:

    I was named after Jason from Room 222

  9. pontif47 says:

    Denise Nicholas is a natural beauty.

  10. antlovesmel says:

    Awesome clip. Thanks

  11. djntt69 says:

    Thanks for the upload I use to love this show. Hadn’t seen this episode b4 because I was born the same year it came out but remember seeing future episodes and reruns.

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