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Ronald Reagan with Sonny & Cher

Then Governor of California Ronald Reagan in a comedy skit with Sonny and Cher. Sonny gives Ronnie the coveted Bono Award.
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25 Responses to “Ronald Reagan with Sonny & Cher”

  1. asus3571 says:

    damn cher was built like a brick shithouse

  2. DeadEyesAlwaysStare says:

    Cher was giving him an hj that whole time. That’s composure folks.

  3. tstruss912 says:

    @mwirth4 R-A-Y-G-U-N Is that better?

  4. mwirth4 says:

    @tstruss912 spell it right asshole

  5. tstruss912 says:

    look at all the retards who believe the Raygun propaganda. It’s a good day…the anniversary (close enough) of Rayguns death….ahhhhhhh

  6. hoopdoginator says:

    RR was a man who could not be bought could not be sold believed in what he believed and what he believed in was the American dream, the dream of our founders. I can listen to his words and hear Franklin, Adams, Jefferson and Washington. I wish more Americans could really hear and believe in those same ideals. If they continue to live in ignorance we are destined for the same fate at Greece, Rome, Spain and every great republic that has existed and this is truly a tragedy.

  7. jamo387 says:

    Great Video. Love Reagan. He was always a pro. Old school…

  8. sunshineface0014 says:

    :D i love this so much!!!

  9. nsakic says:

    cher looks nice!

  10. odda1973 says:

    Omg i Laughed so hard some shit came out of my nose GREAT VID!!!!

  11. quartzhillian says:

    God almighty he was wonderful !

  12. ACC8408 says:

    I told you!! I can’t undestand this type of humor.!! I’m bored

  13. craigenputtock says:

    It’s amazing! A man of his age and his hair NEVER grayed!

  14. thecluegohogs says:

    @TequilaJoeID You are a total and complete idiot. You have the brains of a dead rat.

  15. TequilaJoeID says:

    Reagan was a fucking ASSHOLE!

  16. isidahmed74 says:

    @nparga23 Fuck off loser!

  17. nparga23 says:

    @isidahmed74 dumb camel jockey Muslim virgin

  18. isidahmed74 says:

    @nparga23 – Get bent you idiot!

  19. TrueBlueJMS says:

    whoa….Cher used to be sexy! lol

  20. nparga23 says:

    @isidahmed74 like I said virgin old bitter faggot…drop dead

  21. isidahmed74 says:

    @nparga23 Is that the best you can do? Get lost loser!

  22. isidahmed74 says:

    @nparga23 Is that the best you can do? Get lost loser!

  23. nparga23 says:


  24. isidahmed74 says:

    Reagan was a piece of shit. He underfunded AIDS research which in turn killed thousands of people. May he burn in hell.

  25. isidahmed74 says:

    Reagan sucks! He underfunded AIDS research!!!!

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