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23 Responses to “ROCKY TOP ~~~ HEE HAW”

  1. iltdwngtd says:

    @girlswithguitars859 Yes, Ronnie was very talented…wish we could have heard more of her on that show, plus she could clog that floor up! Wish she had gotten more TV time!!

  2. fozngrace says:

    Charley pride was on a lot, so there is the black thing!

  3. girlswithguitars859 says:

    the problem was that ronnie stoneman is truly talented on the banjo. But was not allowed to play that much because of Roy Clark.

  4. kahlotus1 says:

    I always had to be quiet when hee-haw was on. Now I know why,the best show ever!!!!

  5. triflind says:

    @joeguinn39 I knew there was something I liked about this show.

  6. OlRooter says:


    Then take yo pooper on over to BET dammit, buy you a Jet magazine, and start braidin’ that head of yours.

  7. joeguinn39 says:

    wow no black people totally racist

  8. bellawolf97 says:

    i like hee haw : )

  9. gasdorf says:

    dukes of hazzard on after this i remmember

  10. fidosharker says:

    Barbie Benton was dating Hugh Heffner at the time! :)

  11. MrMrMoto says:

    @girlswithguitars859 how can she play the banjo when she’s doin laundry and fixin supper

  12. girlswithguitars859 says:

    they neede to let ronnie stoneman play the banjo

  13. ADStraw says:

    my dad loved this show, and it pissed my mom on something fierce! lol

  14. Lasertrain says:

    @nakamine1713 I mean that as a compliment. Besides, Charlie’s not inbred, he’s canadian. But it’s good to know someone else likes the Nostalgia Critic

  15. nakamine1713 says:

    @Lasertrain Not one bit…NC isn’t old and doesn’t look inbred…

  16. tdelamont says:

    Hell yeah! Dangerous Don Rich on the fiddle!

  17. TheLionShares says:

    Am glad to see this video. I really like the whole ensemble singing Rocky Top.

  18. TEBKOE says:

    @clarenancy Cathy Baker

  19. clarenancy says:

    What’s the name of the sweet blond who always introduced the musical portions? Her face is implanted in my childhood, yet I never knew her name.

  20. mattthecat77 says:

    Buck Owens was one of the all time greats.. Love this clip!

  21. bluegrassboy75 says:

    Love Don’s fiddle break!! That was awesome. Thanks for the upload!!

  22. strunzgracie says:

    Couldn’t get enough of this song!!!! Rewound and played over several x’s. Thanks for the upload.

  23. Lasertrain says:

    Is it just me or does Charlie Farqhuarson look like the Nostalgia Critic? BTW, he’s the guy in gray dancing to the left of Buck at 3:06

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