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Rocket USA Bozo Bop Bag

Rocket USA Bozo Bop Bag

  • kids love to wack Bozo!

The Original 3D Bozo Bop Bag has bounced backed into action. This ‘re-inflation’ of the classic consists of all the same features as it did in the 1960′s: 3D hair, squeaky 3D Bop Bags nose, a ‘bop zone’, sand filled base for the bounce back action an

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List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 14.99

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5 Responses to “Rocket USA Bozo Bop Bag”

  1. Augusta Lange says:

    Review by Augusta Lange for Rocket USA Bozo Bop Bag
    I looked for years to get the Bozo punching bag as it was a part of my youth. Finally I located it and purchased it for my grandson, 7. He loves it as does all of his family who use it to take out their frustrations. LOL Built very sturdy as he drags it around the backyard as well.

  2. Caiti says:

    Review by Caiti for Rocket USA Bozo Bop Bag
    I bought this for my office. We are a group of sales reps so we get many little desk toys from our vendors but nothing to really use as an outlet for stress. This works perfectly.

    It’s bright and cheery and adds a fun element to the office space. We had a few issues in the beginning with air leaks but after we found them and patched them up, we haven’t had any problems.

    One co-worker, who was out of the office the week Bozo came in, has now “adopted” him and pulled him closer to her cubicle because she thinks it’s so funny.

    It’s pretty durable as long as you aren’t too rough with it. It probably won’t stand up to kicking or jumping on it but hitting it or throwing softer objects at it will not do much to harm it.

  3. S. H. Hardin says:

    Review by S. H. Hardin for Rocket USA Bozo Bop Bag
    This was a cute product, but only lasted a day. Perhaps my preschool boys’ punches were just too much for this bag. A patch was included, but it seems that air is leaking from the seams. Oh well.

  4. P. K. Davis says:

    Review by P. K. Davis for Rocket USA Bozo Bop Bag
    Our three children, who are now in their forties, were young when we purchased a Bozo Bop Bag for them. They loved it, used it all the time, and it held up beautifully through the years. Now our daughter has a daughter of her own and we purchased one for her. Same design, same wonderful quality, same use as forty years ago. Bozo is a “friend” who likes to be punched so he can bounce back up. Our 3 year old grand daughter loves him. She now has a baby sister 7 months old who will also be able to make use of Bozo. For toddler activity and appropriate “acting out”, I thoroughly recommend this product with no reservation. It’s a bit pricey, but worth 5 stars for sure !

  5. B. C. Bierbaum says:

    Review by B. C. Bierbaum for Rocket USA Bozo Bop Bag
    As described in some previous posts, there is a leak in the seam of the bag making the included patch useless. I bought this for my 4 year old to be from Santa. We blew it up Christmas Eve….and by the way, you might nearly pass out trying to get it blown up enough that he actually stands up and bounces back….but by Christmas morning, it was half deflated and lying on the floor. It is being returned, and Amazon has been very easy to work with on this problem.

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