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Rock-afire Explosion (ShowBiz Pizza) TV Westerns segment 2

This rare show features different voice actors portraying the Rock-afire characters. They were provided by ShowBiz rather than the creators of the Rock-afire. These shows were much more scripted and stiff, unlike the regular shows where you can tell a lot of ad-libbing was encouraged to make the patter more real and entertaining. Watch and judge for yourself. Captured in 1996 at Circus Pizza in Blaine, MN.
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6 Responses to “Rock-afire Explosion (ShowBiz Pizza) TV Westerns segment 2”

  1. CharonTheSabercat says:

    @tylermoviepro No, they weren’t. This is an in-studio Showbiz Pizza skit, all of the voices are fake.

  2. Flashkidgotsuspended says:

    There was also “Working” “Summertime” “Hits of 1985″ and one other.


  3. Flashkidgotsuspended says:

    All of them.


  4. kennyrr says:

    T.V. Westerns segment 1 & 2 they the ones was Fake
    I used to work for Showbiz Pizza for 16 years.

  5. mystiktimes says:

    Which voices were fake?

  6. kennyrr says:

    OH WOW Showbiz Fake Voices

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