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Robert Urich re: Killdozer – Conan Apr. 2000

Robert Urich queried on early TV movie participation – Killdozer (see my videos) – by Conan, reminiscing on early childhood TV watching.
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6 Responses to “Robert Urich re: Killdozer – Conan Apr. 2000”

  1. animfan1 says:

    Robert Urich was 55 years old when he died.

  2. MrPomdownunder says:

    @ajcgn6 Yeah Duel is great – made by (then)an unknown director called Spielberg ! Dennis Weaver later switched to horses in McLoud !……I liked the Graduate- Dustin H completely upstaged by a red Alfa Spider !

  3. TVGuido says:

    He died in 2002 ?? I just found out! Holy!

  4. jackiehallam62 says:

    RIP Robert Urich!

  5. ajcgn6 says:

    Wow, he’s been on the Killdozer thing for a very long time.
    BTW, Killdozer is my 2nd most favourite made for TV movie of all time. Number one being “Duel” starring Dennis Weaver and the Dodge Valiant :)

  6. coliwood says:

    I Hear the new Oprah i.e. Conan recommends this.

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