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Robert Urich interview

January 13, 2000 Killdozer on DVD can be bought here:

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22 Responses to “Robert Urich interview”

  1. nrwilliams015 says:

    @kurt666morris He was also on Tabitha, the Bewitches Spinoff from 1977!

  2. carolyntcb says:

    I’ve always felt connected to Robert Urich and he still does. He remains in my heart.
    Thank you for posting this.

  3. condessadetavaredo says:


    This is privacy. He and my. Sorry

  4. josephdupont says:

    what a loss..cut short

  5. condessadetavaredo says:

    Robert, devo a você os melhores seis meses da minha vida.
    Estar com você foi e será sempre inesquecível.
    Você não morreu , se iluminou porque você é eterno.
    I love you forever.

  6. mikewg100 says:

    ok,,,i know i’m way behind times …how did Robert Urich die & when????????????? i thought he’s just retired…of course i haven’t had tv in the past years.

  7. midmodgal says:

    I love you Dan Tanna :)

  8. sigurjong says:

    Angelina looking nasty…but sexy.

  9. hysangearring says:

    It’s Angelina Jolie – there’s a video of her interview..she used to weigh more.

  10. GWhiz99 says:

    BARBARA Gaines spouse AARi BLAKE LudvigSEN is not football linebacker AARon Curry (b. 4/06/86) or RHODE ISLAND, though aaRI ends with the postal abbreviation for the state (RI) and Curry grew up in FAYETTEville, NC—a city also served by Interstate 95. US Highway 501 could evoke the 501 telephone area code for LITTLE ROCK, ARKansas, which like Winston-Salem, NC–where Curry played college football for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons–is served by Interstate 40. BLAKE Griffin: #1 in 2009 NBA Draft

  11. GWhiz99 says:

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  12. GWhiz99 says:

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  13. GWhiz99 says:

    Robert Urich (283-44-8292; b. DEC. 19, 1946) died on APRIL 16, 2002—the same day DYLAN J. GEORGE (602-33-4638) was born. GEORGE died on 10-4 (2004), which could evoke the citizens band radio call, 10-4, which signals the end of a statement. Name DYLAN sounds like DILLON, like the South Carolina town just across the North Carolina border, several hundred miles south of Philadelphia on Interstate 95. Tourist attraction South of the Border at exit #1 in DILLON, SC sells lots of souvenir trinkets

  14. GWhiz99 says:

    I remember Robert Urich (283-44-8292; b. DEC. 19, 1946) from Vega$. Urich died APRIL 16, 2002—the same day SEBASTIAN Constancio (632-82-1685; d. 1/21/03) and the same day many people made first-ever visits to Delaware, Philadelphia, PA. Some learned of Urichs death from radio news while traveling on the Dwight D. Eisenhower (572-64-0315) Interstate Highway System. Also born APRIL 16, 2002: Samuel C. Jones (383-27-1706), who died on FEBRUARY 25, 2008—the 22nd birthday of NFL QB Pat White

  15. GGArt204 says:

    RIP – You are the best Robert!

  16. lalarikyu says:

    No, it’s not officially out on dvd but there is a website that sells it under “Movies MST3K should’ve done”. I just put the link in the description.

  17. kurt666morris says:

    Thanks for posting this Robert Urich interview. He is Mr. Television. I am nostalgic for the Vegas of Dan Tanna. This interview was fun and informative. Is Killdozer out on dvd? Robert left this world way to young.

  18. koalaloversyd says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve loved Robert for many years…still do.

  19. reneecalling says:

    I haven’t seen “Killdozer” since I was 15. I just saw it again on YouTube. Humm.. Do you think they’ll make a Broadway musical version? lol!

  20. sher3394 says:

    Thank you for the posting……….I love this man…..I loved he movies…..he was a wonderful actor……thank you Mr Urich Rest In Peace

  21. priceja70 says:

    Thanks for posting. I sure miss him. R.I.P.

  22. catrod24 says:

    I miss you, Robert Urich.

    On another note, is that:
    1. a chunky CO’B?
    2. Angelina Jolie?

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