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Robert Urich Baseball Dunk w. Catherine Bach May 1979 Battle of the Network Stars

Robert Urich makes it 3-for-three for the duration of the baseball dunk in May possibly 1979.
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19 Responses to “Robert Urich Baseball Dunk w. Catherine Bach May 1979 Battle of the Network Stars”

  1. cornelius386 says:

    I forgot how beautiful she was

  2. TheLeroyMoon says:

    In the following week, Robert’s fan mail quadrupled due to all the “thank you” letters from seventh grade boys. :)

  3. TheSouthernSunshine1 says:

    She seems like a really nice gal. :)

  4. tonlo92 says:

    when the woman were naturally pretty, not all botoxed & injected

  5. nrwilliams015 says:

    Yep! Don’t hit the Titty!!

  6. nrwilliams015 says:

    Catherine Batch is FINE now!!

  7. MrBolas33 says:

    Catherine Bach was sooo hot! [drooling]

  8. MsTexas73 says:

    Robert Urich was so cute.

  9. LCjaydman says:

    When America was fun!!

  10. jackiehallam62 says:

    RIP Robert Urich!

  11. LASHVEGAS09 says:

    THE SUDDEN REALIZATION. The third one was a lucky miss for her.

  12. LASHVEGAS09 says:


  13. ws9ca says:

    He sure knew how to pick them.

  14. 14DaveHunter says:

    @CdnBlt It was Howard Cosell. He was famous for annoucing boxing matches and having verbal duels with Muhammad Ali.

  15. Glurb says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this great video! Brings back a lot of childhood memories. And to answer CdnBit’s question, the announcer is the great Howard Cossell, out of his element covering celebrity jiggle TV, but he seemed to enjoy it.

  16. 68Barracuda11s says:

    I would have licked the water off the soles of her bare feet

  17. mfdprd says:

    mmm , nice long wet hair .

  18. bingbong35 says:

    very nostalgic for me and great memories have returned, am 37 and watched these when I was a kid growing up. The last one was disappointing and weren’t as fun as these.

  19. CdnBlt says:

    what is with the guy doing the play by play and doing the interview…HUH…re: he sounds kind of phoney and putting her down at the same time!!!

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