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Robert De Niro on The Chevy Chase Show (1993)

De Niro promoting ‘A Bronx Tale’ on the Chevy Chase show from 1993.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Robert De Niro on The Chevy Chase Show (1993)”

  1. Zeanu says:

    The only reason this got canceled is because they didn’t get Chevy’s surreal humor. -_- Which we all embrace and take for granted these days. Stupid 90′s.

  2. kyuss2922 says:

    @stratJL That would have been a few years prior. I think Frankenstein followed this film.

  3. nwoalexjones says:

    Chevy Chase was actually good at hosting the Oscars. But hosting the Oscar is a different style of hosting, you don’t have to interview people there.

  4. deathfalk says:

    I love Chevy Chase and don’t even get me started on Robert DeNiro but Chevy tried the talkshow thing and he failed. He is blinking so much and he keeps twisting his mouth around, it is so apparent he is nervous in front of a live studio audience ( as I would be) He seems like a genuinely nice guy and I LOVE his movies. Kudos, Chevy for trying something new back when! You are a genius comedic/dramatic actor. Thanks.

  5. Zarrahbhacha says:

    pierce hawthorn……..

  6. thelala22222 says:

    @stratJL I was thinking the same thing

  7. CreamedCheesed says:

    The series was canceled after five weeks…


  8. doug1963a says:

    I’m not seeing the hate for the Chevy Chase Show. There must be worse, but I haven’t seen it. He’s better than Jimmy Fallon.

  9. nativewizard says:

    man the audience is awkwardly silent!

  10. Kazuyasan9999 says:

    Sheesh, this guy is terrible with his audience.

  11. nwoalexjones says:

    chevy chase is brilliant here

  12. stratJL says:

    deniro must have been in filming for cape fear during this. hes got the same max caddy hair style

  13. ChuckNorrisKratosLOL says:

    This seems more serious than today’s late night shows. I wouldn’t say it is better or worse because of it. It is better in some ways, and worse in other ways. But I think Deniro likes it more because I think Deniro is a serious person, that’s his personality. Hence he is talking a lot. On his letterman appearance he doesn’t really talk at all and you get that buffoon letterman cracking corny jokes the whole time. I think the late show hosts need to know the people they are talking to.

  14. ChuckNorrisKratosLOL says:

    A legend in acting. The very best right here.

  15. ChuckNorrisKratosLOL says:

    Back when Deniro was in his prime. Great stuff.

  16. maddymud says:

    @RASOOL28 Don’t forget the Magic Johnson show …

  17. cobbarts says:

    Nice ponytail…..haaaahaaaa

  18. Monkofmagnesia says:

    @lesterclaypool1, I don’t doubt anything you said. I just wonder how you know it? Are there any books or articles you can site for references?

  19. lesterclaypool1 says:

    The problem with the Chevy Chase Show was that Chevy thought that having paid his dues was a golden ticket to treat everyone like shit. In getting the show up and running he fired so many unionized people for such petty reasons the unions just stopped sending stage hands and grips because every one that Chase fired on a whim cost them money.
    This has tainted Chase’s career ever since as movies use union workers and unions won’t send people to movies that Chase is a part of.

  20. RASOOL28 says:

    I totally forgot about this show, along with the Dennis Miller Show, Kenaan Ivory Wayans Show, and Vibe.

  21. mws755 says:

    I like Chevy as much as anyone but he does seem very comfortable with the interview process

  22. Frequent2001 says:

    what a fucking brown noser

  23. amg811 says:

    chevy’s rigid lack of confidence in the role reminds me of going to work stoned :P

  24. WSLAOK3 says:

    Chevy Chase is an awesome guy but come on The Chevy Chase Show was just plain awkward and uncomforable, not very funny either.

  25. bjroberts65 says:

    @nilbog44 …MY DICK!!!

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