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Rising Damp (1980)

British comedy film from 1980, starring Leonard Rossiter, Don Warrington and Frances De La Tour. Landlord Rigsby manages to scam his lodgers Cooper, an arts student, and Philip, an African jock, creating each pay for a room they both share. However Rigsby’s favorite lodger, Miss Jones, now flirts with each boys rather than himself, in spite of his pitiful attempts to be generous. Crossed by her still overprotective dad, she in fact prefers an affair with slick veteran Seymour, who is truly only interested in her income!
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11 Responses to “Rising Damp (1980)”

  1. accent1923 says:

    u can download them all from somewhere like U Torrents,every series

  2. accent1923 says:

    u can download them all from somewhere like U Torrents

  3. FilmFan1982 says:

    @PoorJadedKid91 Just type in Rising Damp and there’s many available, cut up into parts :)

  4. PoorJadedKid91 says:

    @FilmFan1982 can’t find them :/ or my eyesight’s diminishing by the minute.

  5. FilmFan1982 says:

    @PoorJadedKid91 I think all episodes are available here on YouTube arn’t they?

  6. PoorJadedKid91 says:

    any idea where i can watch the 2nd ,3rd and 4th season of rising damp? cannot seem to be able to get hold of them :/

  7. MsFanmail says:

    Leonard rossiter was fantastic in this

  8. HardTekBen says:

    Sooooo racist. That would never be allowed in a serious context on the BBC now. Still amazingly funny :D

  9. craig50 says:

    Thanks for posting!! :)

  10. jamesbritton1 says:

    can anyone plss tell me the name of the music they are danceing too,pls pls pls.

  11. DeerUnter says:

    Classic….Love it.
    Although it’s just like all the series rolled into one.

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