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Rising Damp: 1970s Funniest Clips

‘When Were We Funniest?’ public vote show to determine the funniest decade of British comedy, this episode being the 1970s. Two clips from Rising Damp made the Top 30, with interviews from Eric Chappell and Don Warrington included here. Visit the authorised Rising Damp site:

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25 Responses to “Rising Damp: 1970s Funniest Clips”

  1. ThomasSheridanArts says:

    I have them all on DVD. The quality of the writing, the acting and even the mood of the show still astounds me.

    I played the DVD for my neice who is 19 and she was rolling around laugh and then remarked “the world was a more happier place years ago…even when people were poor and sad life seemed more full with emotions and experience or something…”

    She was right.

  2. joshualewis71 says:

    my mate is related to rossiter

  3. spinout3 says:

    this show is still so funny.

  4. nath909 says:

    she obviously sensed the latent charm

  5. kazakhseven says:

    British comedy is the best

  6. duckgeezer says:

    Rising Damp was brilliant, but there are a hundred funnier clips than these two that could have been shown.

  7. awlcvl says:

    Pure genious

  8. SwainNigs says:

    what a show nothing comes close to it

  9. Bevoin1970 says:

    Im so glad I lived in the 1970′s, was a brilliant decade for all sorts of reasons, especially TV sitcoms and the like… :-)

  10. jonnygzzzz says:

    ooooh miss jonessss!

  11. fightinfarrell says:

    Rupert Rigsby

  12. dontevergas says:

    shit this is on the bbc right now ]

  13. eatmypies says:

    ohh miss jones ohh rigsby ha classic writing

  14. MRPCBH says:

    Dowload the 1st series of rising damp here on our forum:

    pcbh . co . uk

  15. warzoxky says:

    what? she said yes? damn i missed that one!

  16. UsagiDreams says:

    I know, there will never be an actor like him again. He was one in a million.

  17. jide1000 says:

    Rossiter was a god.

  18. UsagiDreams says:

    I started crying when Rigsby realised that Miss Jones had said yes. I thought they were perfect for each other.

  19. DumblyBrilliant says:

    EleanorRigsby: Professional bullshitter or ex trade unionist

  20. fatterelvis says:

    sartrian lol its funny if you got your head out of your rectum and stoppped reading a dead concept of todays zeitgist you might appreciate it for what it was a good well written well acted piece of comedy genius
    all comedy is inherently a bastard child of what has been , it maybe your inability to accept this that makes you so closed
    hey even benny hill was the third level of dante if you look at it that way

  21. carlpfitz says:

    Rising damp.CLASSIC!!.

  22. xshazx93 says:

    what a classic comedy

  23. EleanorRigsby says:

    it’s Sartrian in it’s uncompromisising depiction, a la Huis Clos, of a hell that is undeniably these particular other people, never mind the Camusian echos of pistols at dawn with strangers on the shore , not to mention the suggestions of infamy, infamy, they’ve all bleedin’ got it in for me that seem to urgently coalesce in an essentially French melange of existential sensibility and Kenny Williams, duckie!!

  24. bloosdoode says:

    “Please extinguish your stick!” still cracks me up, LOL!!

  25. Intangible88 says:

    Very good. Thanks for putting this on You Tube! I had never seen the “Love Wood” episode before – or I don’t remember if I did see it many years ago!

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