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Rifleman Massacre

Compilation of shoutouts from the Rifleman show
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25 Responses to “Rifleman Massacre”

  1. QuietThought says:

    The series lasted only five years, but I think he gunned down every character actor in Hollywood in that short time.

  2. trunksx456 says:

    @ironhead341 yeah and the camera was not focus on him

  3. dchil15 says:

    @dchil15 continueing on…. when the rounds must be slow or reload and spin might be when the gun is empty.

  4. dchil15 says:

    @beckerqueiroz undo the screw some what

  5. Imodto10th says:

    he sure did unlocked akimbo for his gun

  6. hotstuffandicecream says:

    Lucas McCain and Billy Jack for President and Vice President in 2012. The trouble makers who don’t get their ass kicked will get shot.

  7. MrExcellinkus says:

    You didn’t mess with Lucas McCain. He’d kill a bad guy five times before he knew he was dead.

  8. devroshart says:

    Yep, Vic Morrow

  9. sodbuster925 says:

    at the beginning isnt that sgt saunders?

  10. beckerqueiroz says:

    The screw on the lever seems pretty ingenious, but could someone tell me why it doesnt fire when he spins it, just when he acts the lever normally?

  11. Bidil6 says:

    What could this guy do with a M16?

  12. HawklordLI says:

    Damn! Lucas McCain could shoot left or right-handed with equally fatal accuracy.

  13. fjbutch says:

    Cool with a capital ‘K’

  14. 1915fas says:

    @Obamaluke Right! Lucas McCain for President!

  15. unholyimage says:

    Lucas’ bullets are the only known projectile which Chuck Norris cannot block or dodge.

  16. Jiltedin2007 says:

    Damn that’s intense! I get chills inside everytime I see Lucas McCain go off on his 1892 Winchester Rifle. If only I could fire a weapon.

  17. DavelovesRealMusic says:

    No other TV western was as INTENSE as this show. The only issue I have with the show is they used the same Music Score over and works for ONE or 2 weeks…but over 168 episodes…Man…couldnt someone write some new background music once in a while lol

  18. DavelovesRealMusic says:

    SOmeone needs rto re-erlease the entire series PROPERLY season by season to DVD..and maybe do an remastered ENHANCED versio nfo the gunfights..add some blood quibs..ythe network wouldnt let them show blood IMPACT shots in 1958..they actually DID show a fgew IMPACT shots..but not with blood squibs..blood was seen AFTER someone was shot. SAM PECKINPAH quit over networks refusal to let him do show as he wanted (with graphic violence).. favorite Western..holds up VERY well. Lucas a MAN OF TRUTH

  19. jonmurdock says:

    Chuck thought the dead guy gettin drug by his horse at 3:05 was kinda gross lol

  20. boc234 says:

    Chuck Connors in: “Rough Night in a Mexican Gay Bar.”

  21. fsnvret says:

    He never shot a horse. Peta should give him an award.RIP Chuck.

  22. Elmore3141 says:

    He should have aimed that rifle once in a while.

  23. WrathofBergeron says:

    I don’t think he’d really have accuracy by shooting that way. He’s holding the rifle at his waist with one hand, pumping the lever with the other, which results in a wild pivoting motion of the rifle.

  24. devroshart says:

    I have to agree, I’m old enough to have seen the episode when it first aired, and even as a six year old kid I could see how bad that scene was.

  25. ironhead341 says:

    The scene where he’s shooting the mexican’s in the bar (at :45)should’ve been re-shot. He was all over the place except at the target…

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