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Ricky Ricardo’s guide to marriage

Ricky puts Lucy over his knee and gives her a spanking.
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25 Responses to “Ricky Ricardo’s guide to marriage”

  1. sammizu0 says:

    @aaamee Go ask her

  2. Jorrun says:

    he should be singing “babaloo” as he beats that ass!

  3. rocket123blast says:


  4. strikerk says:

    The prisons would be empty if that were the only culpable crime we had.

  5. califgirl11 says:

    @Juliaflo It’s all in fun, but…I must say, I would have let Desi spank me any time.

  6. Juliaflo says:

    @spanker30 Any man who dares to lay a hand on me will be arrested.

  7. Jennafu832 says:

    I agree.

    Also, even if Desi was abusive at some point in his relationship with Lucy, do people really think he would actually be abusive ON AIR?!? I can assure you that if Desi had aggressive tendancies toward Lucy, he would NOT have displayed them on camera for almost the entire world to see. True abuse doesn’t happen like that.

  8. Jennafu832 says:

    Honey, if it’s leaving bruises, do you think it’s really healthy? Do your friends and family know that he does that? I’m not saying he’s wrong simply for “spanking” you, because I don’t know if it’s just meant as a joke (like in this clip), or if it’s actual punishment. BUT, it’s definitely something to think about. When a romantic relationship involves one’s superiority over the other, is that really a healthy relationship? There IS a difference between kidding around and downright abuse. :)

  9. Violinstef says:

    And there are lots of times when Lucy “beats up on” Ricky. She hits him with pillows and newspapers.

  10. sp1ink says:

    shut up bitch = ]

  11. xxhailybabexx says:

    hahhhahha he’s spanking her!

  12. Jennafu832 says:

    I can’t believe people actually think that this is really Lucy’s punishment for her behavior. Did we watch the same video? It’s not as if he’s really hurting her- look at him, he’s barely touching her. Also, if Ricky wanted to actually hurt her, he’s certainly physically capable of doing it. As we can see by this scene, however, Ricky (and/or Desi) was JOKING…

  13. V1548 says:

    thanks for agreeing

  14. spanker30 says:

    I agree with V1548 – women need a good over the knee spanking from time to time !!

  15. methogonzo says:

    its just a bit kinky thats all :s he’s not abusing her you weirdo

  16. V1548 says:

    no its never a mans place to hit a woman but spanking is a diff story. some times woman or even men need a good whipping for there behavior the argument that spanking is abuse is the dumbest argument

  17. pwnyxa says:

    WHAT A FUCKING RETARD U ARE ! uve got nothing to do with it , sure its a shame with assault and that kind of stuff if u get my point, but brutally killing , u would be infinity times more worse (bad sentence but u get the point) then the “spanker” or whatever.

  18. RdtheLiterature says:

    IDK it sounds like you, or someone you have been close to has been victimized at one point. i’m a woman and i know other woman. we can be very silly at times by becoming upset and then reacting harshly and overly dramatically without telling the person who were mad at why we are actually mad at them. we also can be unreasonable at times. there r alot of women who like it when a man shows her his authority. and NO! I don’t mean by beating the shit out of her. I to might kil if i evr witnesed that

  19. RdtheLiterature says:

    lol…i read your comment at the end of mclintock!

  20. OnYourMarkItsumo says:

    So “sexism” on TV is wrong, but it’s okay for you to swear on the internet?

  21. pubert101 says:

    Amen sister. If a man breaks the law and abuses a woman, you have every right to brutally and unlawfully murder him. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, its that violence is an excellent way break the cycle of violence that usually leads to such abuse.

  22. Animeartist124 says:

    The point is men who have the idea in their head that this is acceptable in any way and women who laugh at this when it is a demeaning and horrific representation of their gender dont deserve to be on this planet.

    The fact that no one else is outraged to see this kind of absolutely horrid sexism in television shocks me.

    It is never a man’s place to lay his hands on a woman, she is a fucking adult! If I ever saw a man doing that to a woman I would not hesitate to kill him brutally

  23. Sonfaro says:

    No one deserves that. Not for anything. No human being deserves to be tortured. For anything. We’re better than that.

    And it’s a TV show for crying out loud. Fiction. You’re getting alittle to upset over something that isn’t even real.

  24. alexandshady says:

    I saw this one last night at 11:30 p.m.

  25. Animeartist124 says:

    No, it’s not. Any man who has the idea that he has some sort of authority to “put a woman in her place” needs to have his balls chopped off with a butcher knife, then his eyes gouged out with a scalpel, then have his testicles replaced with eyeballs and vise versa. In his blind fit of pain he needs to fall into an oven and burn to death. Men who feel they can dominate women are the lowest scum on earth

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