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Ricky Goes Loco! (I Love Lucy – Ricky Needs An Agent)

Ricky has his biggest blowup in I Love Lucy history when Lucy pretends to be his agent and ends up getting him released from his Metro contract.
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25 Responses to “Ricky Goes Loco! (I Love Lucy – Ricky Needs An Agent)”

  1. ashlee999 says:

    @hispuregarden it is on the air – Hallmark airs four episodes everyday and a dozen every weekend.

  2. montanerfan10 says:

    OMG! I love it when Ricky Ricardo gets angry. As crazy as it is, I wrote my own original song about it entitled “The Calm Before The Storm.”

  3. lisababy85 says:

    @aznbabessz I would agree it’s quite loud=)

  4. Digilady99 says:

    Lucy: I have an idea!

    Ethel: How can you stand there in the middle of all this mess and utter those four horrible words, “I’ve got an idea?”

    LOL!!! One of the funniest I Love Lucy scenes ever!!! :)

  5. aznbabessz says:

    I have to say, those are powerful smashes! lol

  6. larry930legend says:

    Ricky turned into Ralph Kramden. He ought to sock Lucy in the kisser.

  7. hispuregarden says:

    omg! how I miss this show! put it back on the air, PLEASE!!!!

  8. terlos07 says:

    1.46 LOL

  9. kittiekat10105 says:


    OMG!!! LOL! That’s just classic!

  10. wise1377 says:

    This is my all time favorite scene to watch.
    It is too funny.

    Thanks for posting. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes.

  11. moviechick9620 says:

    best acting ive ever seen!!!!! GO DESI!!!!<3 GO LUCY!!! <3

  12. AishaMarie1 says:

    This is so funny! Lmfao!! Ricky is so hot!! <3

  13. sugarlipz96 says:

    haha desi was really showing his good acting skills in this scene!

  14. misswings83 says:

    I LOVE that facial expression! She’s so fantastic at it. I love when Ricky does the strangle movement with his hands while yelling in Spanish and Lucy does that same face rofl

  15. mannardme says:

    I agree. She’s extremely meddlesome in his life, but this tops everything she’s ever done that could’ve ruined his reputation and career.

  16. jess7faith says:

    what does she say at 2:08 after “o boy”?

  17. sundragonra412 says:

    This is some of the best acting in the history of television!

  18. mannardme says:

    I wondered the same thing. It sure sounds like a sound effect because it’s louder than a normal punch. I tried it myself and it’s no where near that loud. And I also love his angry growls and groans!

  19. sugarlipz96 says:

    ricki is so friggin cute i cant even stand it!

  20. italianman1992 says:

    Was Ricky’s fist-punch a sound effect? When I do that it’s never that loud! I love that “groan” he makes while throwing things he sounds like an animal! lol. And Lucy’s expression at 1:33. That’s one of my favorite Lucy faces.

  21. GrotesqueFan says:

    Damn straight.

  22. avienda101 says:

    Lucy’s dress in the end is beautiful

  23. sara1964fox says:

    Sorry it should be *Lucy hides her head in fear.*

  24. sara1964fox says:

    lol at 0:26

    Lucy: “I went out to MGM today and pretended that I was your agent.
    *Lucy her head in fear.*
    Ricky: “You WHAT?!”
    *Lucy looks up*
    Lucy: “Now your getting it.”

    Also, lol at 2:27!

    *Lucy is on the ground trying to get pieces of broken glass out from under the couch. Ethel walks in, sees Lucy on the ground, and thinks the worst thing possible.*


  25. KweenBombersfan says:

    I’m glad he finally snapped..Lucy’s done some crazy shit to him…lol

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