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Richard Pryor “Becoming Cool” on The Ed Sullivan Show – Performed on “The Ed Sullivan Show” on November 27, 1966. Accessible on “The Quite Best of The Ed Sullivan Show Volume 2″ DVD at
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25 Responses to “Richard Pryor “Becoming Cool” on The Ed Sullivan Show”

  1. blunderboy1964 says:

    @JeffersonDinedAlone that’s okay you never did anything he thought was funny either

  2. JeffersonDinedAlone says:

    I never thought that anything this guy ever did was even remotely funny. Zero.

  3. boxerpup7 says:


  4. iBundah says:


  5. zrhinier says:

    I logged in just to say i love Pryor. That is all

  6. seanthehaggis says:

    you can tell its not the 70′s yet, i think a moustache would realy work for him, lol

  7. alienshee says:

    holy crap he’s adorable.

  8. puppyloveforu says:

    The entire time I was watching this, I kept expecting to hear a curse word come out of his mouth lol…but I had to keep reminding myself this was family television. To me, it’s not really Richard Pryor unless curse words come flying out haha!

  9. stella3265 says:

    @alteregoash Well Richard Pryor was the Marlon Brando of stand up comedy. Pryor improvised better than any stand up comic that I have seen, on video or in person. Bye

  10. alteregoash says:

    @stella3265 A really minor point, but I think Lenny Bruce is closer to the charlie parker of comedy. I would argue Pryor was less improvisational, or, at least, less defined by it. But I in no way disagree that he is legendary and brilliant.

  11. g1code says:

    Great comedian, but I still think George Carlin takes the cake

  12. willardlockejr says:

    @KingMellow11 And did he take it to another level. A level that other comedians have tried to emulate, Pryor was truly the best.

  13. Peztrumentals says:

    so far, out of all i’ve seen him do, this is my favorite one

  14. mrkingvon1 says:

    What times!

  15. ibkristykat says:

    I like him clean. This was very funny to me…. I love silly stuff though, so I’m sorta easily amused, but also amused by stuff others think is just dumb… maybe I’m just weird. Oh well.

  16. thesix107 says:

    Seeing him without a moustache is so weird!

  17. cursedlemon says:

    @Lotum4n What in the name of fuck are you talking about?

  18. Lotum4n says:

    To bad this guy turned out to be a Crack Head drug addict that couldn’t stop doing drug’s and showed his people it was ok to do drugs and wreck everyones life they new . : (

  19. InuvikPhil says:

    WOW people were well-dressed in those days. That suit is so sharp!

  20. KingMellow11 says:

    There were three comedians Richard admired. Bill Cosby, Redd Foxx ,and Dick Gregory. Pryor took it to another level.

  21. thebossin305 says:

    Thumbs Up if you think he looks like Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino

  22. XanderZane says:

    Pryor’s earl y years of comedy before his start using all the swears and “N” words. lol!! Just before be created Mudbone.

  23. torpedoboy4 says:

    Wow, that was great! Clean or filthy, I love Pryor!!

  24. StandAndDigIt says:

    Kickass suit, especially the lining of the jacket…!

  25. somthinjustaintright says:

    With all due respect, I assume you never met Ed, nor was ever invited by him to appear on his show. Ed did not b-list Mason. The industry did. Mason refused to defer to the acting producer when given the signal to stop his performance. Mason KNEW that what he was doing was unforgiveable & unwisely continued overtime, using valuable stage NATIONAL stage time prescheduled for others on that fateful day. The last time I was with Mason I was working borscht the belt in PA circa 1993.

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